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DOI: 10 NOV 2017



Operation URAN has not gone as well as the ministry had hoped, BKT rearmament and modernisation was far more advanced than first scoped and they have proven a difficult adversary with the modernised equipment. Adaptation to the situation is required and the ministry has approved additional forces to be utilised under Operation BEREGU.

Operation BEREGU is a strategic operation with an aim to open a second front to thin or restrict reinforcement of BKT forces in the current area of operations and secondly seize key oil and gas installations and ports. NAPF Island is a key import and export facilitator for BKT providing a centralised gateway to the rest of the world while at the same time security to that industry. NAPF island has been identified as the vital link to the funding of resupply of arms and equipment and the means to get them in country as well.

Operation BEREGU will consist of two parts, firstly Operation ZROYA, full brief below followed by Operation BEREGU itself. 

Operation ZROYA:

Operation BEREGU requires pre-strike and target preparation activities, Operation ZROYA is an operation to facilitate Operation BEREGU consisting of covert special operations groups operating on NAPF Island targeting invasion enabling targets combined with a naval blockade and air superiority of the NAPF island region. Ground forces will consist of Operation Beregu BLACK force.

The element of surprised needs to be used to infiltrate undetected and inflict as much confusion and damage as possible to gain the upper hand on the island. Key communication, fuel and power facilities are to be targeted and resupply sea lines establish in the event air resupply becomes unavailable.


Enemy –

A limited naval force is present in the vicinity of the island and is expected to be quickly eliminated in a preemptive air and sea campaign. It is expected that BKT forces will have foreseen this and little reliance on the navy or air assets will be risked and solid defensive fortifications are expected onshore.

The island has extensive anti-air coverage however this will also be the primary target of naval and air campaign. A significant garrison based on satellite imagery of the rate of construction of defensive positions exists on the island however the exact number is unknown. Forces on the island are mechanised units primarily, Limited heavy armour is expected due to the terrain and transportation limitations.

Capability of the forces there are expected to be low, primarily reserve units (previously BNG) with smaller supporting 12th Mountain Division embeds. However equipment issued could possibly be of high quality its unknown how extensive BKT rearmament has been for reserve forces.

Friendly –

ZYROYA Forces:

BEREGU BLACK force will consist of 1SQN, 2SQN and 3SQN and will each have their own base of operations and operate independently on the island until relieved by main BEREGU forces.

Fixed Wing air support will be available when primary AAA installations are destroyed.

Rotary Wing air support will also become available at this time.

BEREGU Forces:

BLUE, ORANGE, PURPLE, GREEN and BLACK forces will each have their own AO to cover. A detailed plan will follow.

Full Fixed Wing assets will be on standby for the island invasion.

Full Rotary Wing assets will be made available for island invasion.

Victor units will be landed upon seizure of the first port facility.

Civilian –
There is a significant civilian population on the island and they are required for operation of ports and oil and gas export.

Terrain –
NAPF Island (Wooded rolling hills, Urban)


BEREGU forces commencing 12/11/17 (Operation ZROYA) and 10/12/17 (Operation BEREGU) are to seize key ports and facilities capturing NAPF Island NLT 4/2/18 IOT to deny operation funding and equipment to the BKT armed forces.


The operation will occur in FOUR phases:
Phase One – Briefing and Preparation
Phase Two – Insertion BLACK Force (OP ZROYA)
Phase Three – Land Invasion BLUE, ORANGE, PURPLE, GREEN Forces.
Phase Four – Secure ground captured


IMAGE 20171110-1a – ZROYA Objectives and Areas of Operation




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