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Here you will Find basic information on different types of AFVs that you are likely to find on the battlespace.

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Donating to ASOR

ASOR accepts three types of Donations.

  1. Re-occurring Monthly Donations via Paypal (preferred method)
  2. Single One Off Donations via Paypal
  3. Single One Off Donations via Bank Transfer

Donation types 1 and 2 can be done via the donations page

ASOR Donations Page

  • Option 1. – To setup re-occurring donations simply check the Monthly Box after Is this a recurring donation?
  • Option 2 – To make a one time donation via paypal without re-occurring simply DONT check this box.
  • Option 3 – For bank money transfers please see the manual page for details.

Manual ASOR Donations  

Note for Manual ASOR Donations:

  • Re-occurring donations can only be setup via the ASOR Paypal Donations System unless you can set that up yourself with your bank.
  • Bank Account donations will not be reflected in the ASOR Donations Status Bar shown on the front page or the Recent Donations area.


All ASOR donations are currently used for

  • hosting gaming server
  • hosting headless client
  • hosting web site

In 2016 we have plans to upgrade our server arrangements to something better if donations are stable through December onto January. 

ASOR Transactions

You can track the current balance of funds and recent donation amounts on the ASOR Balance Sheet. (updated monthly)

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The ASOR wiki is used to manage all our information and allow members to read up on ASOR Operations Training or Other Training Material or learn about the Structure of ASOR or the Roles they can Play in ASOR.

It is also used to provide helpful information for members looking to help run ASOR, create ARMA3 Maps for ASOR or get setup to participate in our operations.

If your interested in contributing to the wiki please read the information on Creating New Pages and Formatting.

Training and Development

Standard Operating Procedures

ASOR Mission Makers Resources

Mission Creation Tools and Information


  • GLOSSARY – Abbreviations and Terms used throughout this WIKI and ASOR Campaigns

Please report any broken links in the forum or via PM to suits.




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