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AK – Series


Built by Mikhail Kalashnikov during the 1970’s as a direct replacement for the AKM and AK47 assault rifles, the AK-74 is one of the most well recognized small arms in recent history.  Primarily focusing on converting the USSR’s main combat rifle to the intermediate 5.45x39mm cartridge, the AK-74 brought significant improvements to the field including an extended effective range, accuracy, and reliability over its older counterparts. The AK-74 first saw combat use during the Afghanistan conflict against the Sunni Mujahideen during the Cold War and has seen extensive service and upgrades throughout several European and Middle East conflicts, as well as adoption by other combat forces throughout the world. 


Beginning production in 1991, the AK-74M is a direct upgrade of the AK-74 (M for Modernized). With a slew of minor internal improvements to the butt-stock, bolt and carrier assembly, the most notable improvements came with the ability to mount Russian optics via a side-rail bracket and easier mounting of the GP-series of under-slung grenade launchers. 

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Rocket Launchers and Recoil-less Rifles



84mm Unguided, Portable, Single shot recoilless smooth bore weapon. A quick firing, shoulder mounted anti-personnel and anti vehicle weapon. Due to its confined space design, the M136 has a much lower back-blast, making it relatively safe to fire indoors and in confined environments. Effective range is 300m, maximum range is 500. Sights zero to 400. 

High Explosive Anti Tank
Most useful for light and medium armoured vehicles. Will not penetrate heavy armour such as that found of the T-72B.

High Explosive Dual Purpose
Larger explosion radius than the HEAT round, and is most useful for enemy infantry, buildings and lightly armoured vehicles. 

High Penetration
Much higher armour penetration than the HEAT round but much lower explosion radius than the HEDP. Most useful for light to heavy armoured vehicles. 


Single use HEAT warhead with an effective range of 300m.


83.5mm reloadable rocket launcher. Carried by AT specialists. SMAW sight has NVG capability and can range to 500m in 50m intervals.  Standard effective range is 400m and maximum range is 600m. Significant back-blast, 13m clearance recommended. 

High Explosive Anti Armour
High penetration round capable of destroying heavily armoured vehicles.

High Explosive Dual Purpose
Lower penetration than the HEAA round but much bigger explosion radius. Good for groups of enemy infantry and light armoured vehicles. 

Novel Explosive
Thermobraric warhead, good for clearing enemy infantry out of buildings, compounds and caves. Low armour penetration. 

Spotting Round
9mm tracer round configured to follow the same trajectory as the primary warhead. Used for ranging in  a target. 




84mm man-portable reusable anti-tank recoilless rifle. Carried by AT specialists. Ranges from 100m to 900m, with a standard effective range of 800m and a maximum of 1000m. Has the ability to air-burst the HE, Smoke and Illumination rounds. Also known as the M3 Carl Gustav. 

High Explosive Anti Tank
High armour penetration,  low explosion radius. Good for soft skinned vehicles and heavy armoured tanks. 

High Explosive Dual Purpose
Medium armour penetration, medium explosion radius. Useful for groups of enemy infantry and lightly armoured targets. 

High Explosive
Low armour penetration, high explosion radius. Most useful for enemy infantry and soft skin vehicles. Has direct impact and air-burst functionality. 

Concealment and target identification round. Useful for covering an enemy position with smoke for CAS or for covering troops as they move. Has direct impact and air-burst functionality.  

Illumination round that can light up a significant area. Has direct impact and air-burst functionality.



Man portable fire-and-forget anti-tank missile launcher. Capable of direct and top-down attack. Has night vision and thermal capability. Requires a lock on a target to be fired. Lock time is 5 seconds, can reach out as far as 1500m

Tandem Shaped High Explosive Anti Tank Missile
Incredibly effective penetration, low explosion radius. Useful for any land or sea vehicles, especially when in motion. Requires initial line-of-sight to lock on to target. 



Russian made man portable rocket launcher. Carried by AT specialists and can reach out to 800m with the correct sight. 

Single Stage HEAT rocket, good all-round munition as it is designed for light and medium armored targets.

Heavy tandem charge HEAT rocket, designed for heavily armored targets and has significant drop off at range.

Light fragmentation 40mm rocket propelled grenade. Designed for use against infantry and soft skin vehicles. 

Heavy thermobaric warhead designed for use against buildings and bunkers. Creates a large explosion upon impact and has significant drop off at range. 

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40mm Ammunition

40mm Ammunition

Vanilla ArmA 3

40mm rounds are multi-purpose munitions fired from an underslung M203 grenade launcher. 

High Explosive
High Explosive 40mm rounds cause a medium sized explosion on impact. Good for groups of enemies at range. Also good for clearing compounds/buildings very quickly. Effective range is 300, maximum range is 450.

40mm Flare
40mm flares are launch-able illumination rounds attached to a parachute to slow decent. They are capable of lighting up large areas, and are useful for when NVG’s are not available. 40mm flare comes in several variants: white, red, yellow, green, IR. Duration is 50 seconds. Flare release depends on how far the M203 was ranged in.

40mm Smoke
The 40mm Smoke round is used for marking enemy locations for CAS and for concealing friendly troops as they maneuver. Rounds have a tendency to bounce. The effectiveness of the grenade for concealment decreases with the amount of wind present. 40mm smoke comes in several variants: White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple and IR. Colour uses are as follows:

Concealment:                   White
CAS Marking:                  Red


GP-25 Under-slung Grenade Launcher

The GP-25 grenade launcher is an under-slung 40mm grenade launcher designed for the AK-74 series rifle. It has an effective range of 400m and facilitates the firing of a variety of different munitions.

VOG -25
|Type – High Explosive|

The VOG – 25 is the standard offensive 40mm munition for the GP – 25. Explodes on impact and creates a cloud of shrapnel that’s deadly out to 6m.

VOG – 25P
|Type – High Explosive|

The VOG -25P is identical to it’s standard cousin, however has the unique property of bouncing upon impact and air-bursting at a height between 0.5m and 1.5m. This has a devastating effect of producing a could of shrapnel that can circumnavigate low cover and reach a wider area.

VG – 40TB
|Type – Thermobaric|

The VG – 40 TB is an impact detonated thermometric explosive which creates a large, high temperature cloud to destroy targets. Thermobaric rounds are especially useful for confined spaces such as buildings, bunkers and alleyways.

VG – 40SZ
|Type – Stun|

The VG – 40SZ is a 40mm underslung fired stun round which exhibits the same effects as a standard flash bang. The round will detonate after a fuse time of 2.5 seconds.

VG – 400P
|Type – Flare|

GP – 25 launched flare round. Comes in green, red and white variants.

GRD – 40 / VG – 40 MD
|Type – Smoke|

GP – 25 launched smoke round. Comes in green, red and white variants.

GMD – 40
|Type – Fast Action Smoke|

A short range, fast action smoke round that detonates within 50m of the user. Good for immediate smoke screens, however the smoke cloud only lasts for a few seconds. Comes in white only.

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