Team Defaults

Know the default setups ASOR use and use them as much as possible. Red on the right etc.


 Know the considerations of the terrain and environment you are in and adopt the changes in tactics, techniques and procedures. Ie. Formations in IED threat areas, correct weapon load outs like AT if armour threats.

Chain of Command

                This is something you should establish early, get your sub commanders working straight away and make it clear to everyone that’s how the information flows, always. It might seem a little stupid when you in the base and it’s all easy for everyone to come to you for everything but when everything is hitting the fan and you have a million things to do you won’t want it but the team will operate how you have demonstrated for them to do so.

                Use the chain back down where ever possible as well. Empower your sub-leaders with information to give to their teams also if you see someone out of line rather than get him inline yourself instruct a sub-leader to do it.

See ‘Leadership Casualties‘.


                As the team leader you want to try and position yourself on the battlefield where you can have the best situational awareness of your team. In a squad you want to be central and to the rear primarily, a fire team central but close to the squad leader. As commander you probably want to be central and in over watch where ever possible. Don’t be afraid to move though. Moving to your flank or up to the front for brief periods can offer you a better picture than what can be relayed back to you allowing for better decisions.


                Maintaining cohesion of the team is key to presenting the entire team as a single strong fighting force. As soon as you lose this the team starts to become individual or smaller fighting teams rather than a large solid force.

                Cohesion is achieved though maintaining coordination and communication with other leaders. As a squad leader coordination and communication with other squad leaders, as a fire team leader coordinating and communicating with the other fire team leader in your squad will ensure your two fire teams are always working together.


                Where ever possible any leader position should be both understudying the person above them and have someone understudying them. This both increases your knowledge of the position above and teaches someone your position and provides an ideal 2IC or takeover candidate.


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