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Mutual Support and Maneuvering

From experience splitting our teams and not utilising the mutual support of either a dual squad or a two fire team squad offers has resulted very negatively. The location you should be trying to achieve is that if the other squad or fire team get into contact am I in a position to support immediately either via an assault or flanking maneuver.

The same applies to your fire teams, having everyone behind one rock is probably not a good idea while at the same time having them 1km apart they are useless to each other.

Always consider your mutual support when maneuvering, assessing frequently the locations of other teams or your team’s gets increasing difficult the busier you get particularly in assaults but this is where it is vital to maintain correct positioning.

Weapon Systems

Always have a good understanding of what weapon systems your team has and how best to utilise them in any given situation. The scale of this will change depending on your position in the hierarchy as the Commander will not know what fire team has AT capability for example but you will know what squad has that capability and can position the squad with that in mind if required.

As a squad leader you need to know your fire team’s capability, if they are out of ammo or wounded etc so you can effectively deploy there weapon systems.

In the fire team you need to adjust physically on the ground to best deploy your weapon systems, is the LMG on the high ground or out on the flank as desired, does the AT have a clear fire path at high threat areas etc.

All leaders need to be aware of other considerations outside their team also including air support or armoured support and utilise them where possible.

Combat Maneuvering

Try and have an understanding of basic tactical knowledge and when best to deploy these tactics. Also don’t be afraid to implement them in the field, if you do start a flank or other maneuver just always consider your mutual support scenario, moving miles away to flank and then getting into a contact and pinned isn’t going to help anyone.

Basic Combat Tactics

  • Shifting\Switching
    • LEFT
    • RIGHT
  • Move Through
  • Flanking
    • FAST
    • In Cover or Concealment
  • Defending
    • In Depth Defence
  • Mutual Support
  • RV’s \ eRV’s      
    • Always have them ready, try and add new eRV’s before major engagements or when leaving a safe location to an unknown one.


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