General Comms Tips

  • Run different channels at different Volumes – helps to identify between them.
  • If you change to another local or long range freq use terms like
    • This is Alpha on your local net
    • This is Alpha on Long Range 2    
  • Left and Right Ear setup helps with distinguishing what net is in use also.
  •  In the beginning of communications assume no one knows who you are until you say it.
    • This is Callsign.
    • Once you have established comms you can drop the This Is for speeder comms.

Radio Setups

  • All leaders should have along range radio including 2IC’s.
  • All leaders should be aware of other squad local comms nets. Ie VICTOR
  • Acknowledgements
    • Acknowledge EVERYTHING
    • Two Types of ACK
      • Quick ACK
      • Abbreviated Read Back
        • Ack Alpha Move West
        • Ack Red Moving


Command reporting is key to the cohesion of the side as a whole, by reporting to command on the Command Net you are also keeping other teams up to date on the flow of the battle and other team capabilities. All things that aid leaders in making better more accurate decisions.

Task Complete – Very important report to maintaining commands smooth control and cohesion of the team. If you get a task at any level, squad, fire team report task complete when you have done it so the commander of your team knows you are ready for further orders.

Quick Reporting

Quick reporting is quick messages that do not necessary require a response but are a great for maintaining SA for the team. Quick reports to be clear, short and to the point otherwise they no longer are quick reports. Generally also more detailed reports would follow as soon as suitable to do so or requested by others.

  • Contacts – TIC
    • Alpha in Contact Wait Out
    • Alpha Contacts West
    • Alpha Eyes on Enemy Patrol West
  • Casualties
    • Alpha Casualties
    • Alpha 2 WIA
    • Alpha 3 KIA
  • Task Completed
    • Alpha in Position
    • Alpha Compound Secure
    • Alpha Ready
  • Issues
    • Alpha Unable to Move Wait One
    • Wait One for Alpha
    • Alpha RTM in 2

Full Reports

Follow on from quick reports full reports simply contain more detail that team leaders can utilise to make command decisions more accurately.

  • Contacts
    • Size, Type, Moving, Status
  • Casualties
    • WIA, KIA, Time to Move

Situational Reports

Also known as SITREPS they are a quick overview of your team and used by team leaders to get an accurate status and capability of the team.

  • A SITREP includes:
    • Callsign – Your team Callsign
    • Location – Current location
    • Activity – Moving, Stationary, in Contact etc.
    • Casualties – Should be brief numbers of
      • WIA
      • KIA
      • ETA – Estimated Time to be effective again or capably of moving                 
    • Equipment and Ammo – if running low state whats needed or simply report ok
    • Enemy – if in contact estimated strength and position, if not report no contact
    • Intel – any information that could need to be considered
    • Additions – space for anything outside the scopes above    
  • Example SITREP
    • Alpha
    • Compound on North Side
    • Defensive Position, Holding
    • 2 WIA, 1 KIA, ETA 5 mins
    • Good – May need LMG resup soon
    • Heavy contacts to North maneuvering     


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