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This section covers the ASOR specific procedures, team setups and requirements from a leader in ASOR.

Mission Briefing

  • Assess the brief and identify possible gaps in your orders or requirements the orders might bring for your squad.
  • Write questions down if required.
  • Assuming Nothing.
  • Get answers to questions.

Squad Setup

  • Identify and brief, 2IC, FTL’s as soon as possible and USE THEM.
  • Let FTL’s run there guys and report back to you.
  • Try and discourage members coming to you directly, pass information to the FTL’s in private where possible so the flow is identified.
    • Ensure FT members have a Callsign / Number.
    • Ensure FT members have a buddy and know who it is.
    • Identify the roles in your squad, medic, AT, LMG, Engineer etc.
    • Brief any roles with any specifics, LMG out far side, EOD front etc.
    • Ensure any extra kit is shared to carry around, LMG or AT rounds etc.

Squad Briefing (if conducted separate from your team)

  • Pass on everything you can.
  • Ask for questions.
  • If the entire team was present for the commanders briefing ask your team in private for any questions.
  • Confirm with 2IC an understanding of the mission and his readiness to take over.
  • Ensure 2IC has long range comms and do a comms check.

Squad Review (Before any acknowledgement of readiness)

  • Sound Off – FTL’s should have set Callsigns to FTM’s.
  • Sound Off should be done on Squad Radio, if not do radio check.
  • Radio Check command net.
  • Equipment Check – Task specific or incorrect equipment. No helmet etc.
  • Tactics and Rehearsals
    • Go over specific mission related tactics again if any, insertion etc.
  • If space permits do some formation movement and drills ensure people’s heads are right.

Squad Debrief

  • Move through operation in stages don’t debrief in scatter.
    • Insertion, Extraction, OBJ1, OBJ2 etc
  • Don’t move on to next stage until everyone has had their turn.
  • Don’t let the debrief turn into a free for all story telling.
  • Looking for Pro’s and Con’s and how to improve
  • Vital for the improvement of ASOR as whole, don’t pay this off.


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