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The ASOR Leadership training covers primarily how to do the leadership roles in ASOR. Commander, SQL and FTL. It will touch on a lot of aspects that come under those roles but obviously this is a base of information, and nothing but experience working in those roles will make you more qualified to do them.

Hopefully what you can take away from this is: “ASOR procedures and some General Leadership Techniques “that will aid you in being a better leader.



Leadership is not simply being a leader, a leader is a given position, leadership, is having the ability to do that position effectively.  As a leader myself and offering guidance to other potential leaders I have seven areas I think are key to leadership. These are Authority, Organisation, Direction, Control, Initiative, Guidance and Supervision.

So they are fancy words. Lets break them down to something meaningful, like how they apply to your team.

Authority – You need to be able to issue orders and have them obeyed sometimes quickly and without hesitation or debate. Your authority is what makes this happen and sometimes involves you distancing yourself from your team slightly.

Organisation – Both you and your team need to be organised. Use of sub-leaders here plays a vital role in getting the whole team organised. You cannot be everywhere but need to have everything organised and ready to go. If your fumbling about trying to sort yourself out, it will roll on down through your whole team.

Direction – You need to be giving direction at all times particularly when things are going bad or getting intense. Directions needs to be short and clear and I will cover this more in Giving Orders.

Control – Is feed by authority, organisation and direction. If you are not doing these correctly control is where you will notice the effects. Inability to control your team renders you useless and no longer an effective fighting force.  

Initiative – Every leader needs to balance initiative with their current orders all the time. Leadership above you cannot see everything you see, unless you tell them. Initiative is what guides you to complete your orders effectively and control your team to your situation.

Guidance – A leader at times will need to offer guidance beyond the strategic or tactical level to members of their team. Offering guidance correctly will feed back into authority and result in better control.

Supervision – It sounds like watching over the kids but its not. Supervising your team feeds into guidance and is the key to improving your team’s cohesion. You cannot improve or refine the processes of your team unless your observe their flaws and act on them.


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