Urban Operations

Threat Considerations

  • Situational Awareness
    • A higher Situational Awareness is required in urban environments due to a number of reasons.
      • The close quarters of the buildings.
      • Ever changing angles and directions to cover.
      • Movement of friendly forces in unseen areas.
  • Fire Lanes
    • Corridors of buildings, alleyways and roads make excellent fire lanes and need to be covered.

Room Clearing and Compound Entries

  • All room clearing and compound entries should be done at minimum with two people, buddies. 
  • ASOR has a unique SOP for room entry that needs to be demonstrated in game. 
  • Close quarters combat SOPs

Urban Movement and Formations

  • Moving through Urban Environments the most common formations you will see are staggered column type movements on either side of the street.
  • LMGs are used to cover fire lanes or obvious avenues of approach particularly when friendly forces are moving across.

Building Considerations

  • When inside a building and looking to shoot out you need to be aware of your exposure to the outside. By sitting back as far as you can into the room you will limit your visibility from the outside and the angles at which you can be shot at.

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