Training Intro

Training Outline

  • ASOR Basic Training is designed to get any member to a base level of knowledge in order to fit into ASOR teams.
  • We understand that not all members are at the same level some people have military knowledge others not so much, this training is designed to cover everyone off to the same level.
  • The Training includes a lot of talking but there is some movement so please if you go AFK let us know in side chat so we are not waiting for you when we move.
  • Can be alot to take in but all of this is on the wiki for following up.
  • Feel free to ask questions as we go.
  • If you alt tab out of the game press ESC first so you dont fire a round when you come back in.

Weapons Safety

  • Muzzle Awareness
  • Double Tap CTRL or ACE Safe (Ctrl ~)
  • Switch to Smoke for Default

Radio Intro

Basic ArmA3

  • See ASOR Basic Soldiering for more detailed information
  • Stance Adjusting
  • Pace Control (Slow, Normal, Tactical Pace)
  • Patrolling Considerations
    • Scanning
    • Weapon Readiness
    • Cover to Cover, Cover to Concealment
    • Sky Lining
    • Dead Ground
    • Resting
    • Supported
    • Moving targets
  • Halted
    • Scanning
    • Cover
    • All Round Defence
    • Safe Time – Never Safe Time

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