Squad Formations and Movement

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  • Formation Considerations
    • Defaults (red on the right, tac pace)
    • Spacing
    • Cover your arc/sector
    • Stay with your Fire Team
    • Keep sight of your Buddy
    • Squad Leader and CFA generally are not apart of a formation
  • Formation Types
    • For detail formation explanation see FORMATIONS
    • Line (Primary Attack Formation)
    • Column (High IED\Mine Threat, Low Foot Print)
    • Staggered Column (Road or Dead Ground Movement)
    • Diamond (Great Lone FireTeam Formation)
    • Echelon Left and Right (Threat Adjustment)
    • Hasty (Fast and Under Fire Formations)
    • Shifting Formations 
      • While Moving (Fluid Transitions)
      • Stationary 
  • Bounding
    • Attack
    • Withdrawal

Multiple Squads and Split Fire Teams

  • Multiple Squad Formation Considerations
    • Edge Squad Members need to form off next squad and communicate spacing inwards.
  • Split Fire Teams
    • FTL Takes Larger Role in Splits
  • Squad In Reserve
  • Squad In Support
  • Squad Bounding

Patrolling and Navigation

  • Halting
    • All Round Defence
    • Longer Halts / Fixed Positions
  • Map Reading
    • Grid Squares
    • 4 Grid Reference
    • 6 Grid Reference
    • 8 Grid Reference
    • Using References
    • Finding your Location \ Map to Ground
    • ACE Map Tools
      • Bearings



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