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Light Machine Gunner (LMG)

  • The Light Machine Gunner is used to hold or cover key avenues of enemy movement or advance as well as suppressive fire for friendly advance or movement.
  • As a LMG you are expected to manage your own ammunition and request resupply before getting to an empty stage.

Firing Principles

  • Burst Control
    • Short consistent bursts in 3 to 5 rounds will provide the most sustain accurate fire on a target location. This is the standard when conducting suppressive fire.
  • Suppression
    • The act of preventing the enemy from returning fire due to the fear of being shot. In order for effective suppression to be achieved effective fire needs to be placed on the target. 
  • Effective Fire
    • Getting rounds hitting within 1 to 2 metres of a target or close enough that they will think twice about exposing themselves to return fire.
  • Using Tracers
    • Tracers can be useful to indicate where your fire is landing and for spotters to help you adjust fire. Always remember tracers work both ways and will reveal your location also to the enemy.
  • Spotter
    • When firing on targets and its two far for you to visually see your fall of shot through your weapon optics it is possible to have a second person act as a spotter and give adjustments to your fire to get it on target.
    • Directing Fire
      • When acting as a spotter observe where the target is then where the fall of shot is and give adjustments in the form of LEFT or RIGHT, UP and DOWN followed by a NUMBER or HALF where the number indicates the amount of adjustment on the gunners sights and half is half a one. ie  LEFT ONE could indicate one mildot left on his scope. This needs to be determined prior to giving adjustments or learned through trial and error from the gunners adjusted fire.
    • Adjusting Fire 
      • As the gunner any adjustments to your fire you make from a spotters corrections need to be kept linear. If the spotter indicates LEFT ONE and you adjust say one mildot then he indicates LEFT ONE again and you move two mildots it will throw out his adjustments and it will take longer to get on target.
    • Other Terms When Spotting
      • ON – Used when rounds are on target.

Grenadier (GRN)

  • The Grenadier uses an under-slung grenade launcher to deliver 40mm grenades, smoke and flares out to 400-450m. 
  • These can highly accurate with some training on range estimation and zeroing of the grenade launcher. 
  • The under-slug grenade launcher (M203 or GLA) has a range adjustment. (PGUP and PGDOWN by default) You then aim the red dot of the grenade launcher at the range or estimated range you have set and the grenade will land at the range in the direction you are aiming. You can then adjust your zero up or down (further or closer) to move where the grenade will land. Alternatively you can adjust your aim up or down.

Anti-Tank (AT)

  • The Anti-Tank position is responsible for carrying AT weaponry and having a knowledge on how to deploy each variant that is available to them. Some AT weapons require a lock on of the target where others are direct line of site firing. Also some AT’s are re-loadable where some are single use only disposable.
  • When utilizing the M3 MAAWS it is important to remember that range adjustments do not apply to the MAAWS scope. Above 100m it becomes necessary to manually arc the round toward your target or alternatively, make use of the M3’s ‘iron sights’.


  • The marksman when used utilises larger optics to provide accurate fire or intelligence including visual aids such as range finders, laser designators or binoculars. ASOR utilises Marksman in its RECON team callsign ASSASSIN which requires members to complete a series of training sessions and qualifications to be assigned this role.


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