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Medical Basics

  • Self   Aid – First Aid on Yourself
  • Buddy Aid – First Aid on you Buddy or Team Mate
  • Medic Aid – First Aid by a Qualified Medic (CFA or PJ)

Medical Priority

  • Priority 1 – Severely Wounded will need Medivac
  • Priority 2 – Wounded requires Specialist Medical Support (PJ)
  • Priority 3 – Lightly Wounded or Stable requires First Aid (CFA)

Medical Procedure

  • Squads have a dedicated medic (CFA), fire team members should only ever have to quickly put a bandage on a friendly or themselves if no medical support is close.
  • Medics may request you to move or retrieve wounded to a safe location but otherwise your primary role is to maintain the fight or security for the medic.

ACE Medical System 

Casualty Procedures

  • WIA – Wounded In Action
  • KIA – Killed In Action
  • Reporting Casualties

Leadership Casualties

  • 2IC Take Over Process

Quick Reaction Force / Respawn

  • Why ASOR QRF
    • QRF is the term we use for respawning players.  In real life operations there is generally always a QRF force on standby if things go bad and re-enforcement’s are needed. 
    • Calling Respawners QRF is part of our immersion. If a squad take a casualty (KIA) they will report 1xKIA to Command and Command will organise re-enforcemnt’s via a QRF insertion. Essentially re-inserting anyone that has died.
  • QRF Procedure
    • When you die your death will be reported to your FTL and/or SQL
    • You go into spectator on a wave re-enforcement timer (Generally Max 2 Mins)
    • Once spawned back in the game move to the designated QRF waiting area and await pickup.
    • SQL will report KIA to CMD
    • CMD requests and organises QRF insertion
    • You will be picked up at the QRF waiting area by whatever callsign is handling QRF on the night and inserted dependant on the current tactical situation on the ground.
    • If your are not inserted near your Squad report to CMD team for orders before re-joining your Squad.

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