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Lost or Left Behind

  • Channel 8 on your squad radio is set to command net which also doubles as an Emergency Frequency for these situations. 
  • Keep in mind you may be able to hear command net even though they cannot hear you due to the range of your radio. Command net is usually utilised by long range radio. 
  • If during an operation you get lost or left behind we generally like to include this in our scenarios so continue to ‘role play’ your situation and perform the Lost or Left behind SOP’s. Try and avoid jumping on in game chat or just respawning or anything like that.
  • Lost or Left behind SOP
    • Move to the nearest Emergency RV point (eRV marker on map) or eRV mark last designated for your team. 
    • If no eRV exists establish one yourself at the nearest safe location.
    • Contact Command on Emergency Net and report situation, lost or left behind.
    • Command will then send a Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) team to evacuate you. 

Downed Pilot or Transport

  • In the event you are a pilot or passenger of a transport helicopter or vehicle and your vehicle gets disabled or your helicopter gets shot down we also like to play these out as well. 
  • Downed Pilot SOP
    • A downed pilot SOP is as per the Lost or Left Behind SOP but they also may have a Escape and Evade plan (E&E) if they are really far from friendly forces or deep behind enemy lines and the chances of contact with the enemy are high. This would be in preference to setting up an eRV point that is miles away from anyone or trying to hold an eRV point against overwhelming forces. 
  • Disabled Transport SOP
    • Assuming no one is available to repair the transport the occupants should remain together and either:
      • call for a repair team if vehicle repairable
      • move to nearest eRV or create an eRV if one doesnt exist
      • generate an E&E plan if no friendly forces are contactable or far away and enemy threat is high.



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