Advanced Radio and Comms Procedures

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  1. Short Range Radio
  2. Long Range Radio
  3. Message Formats
  4. Terminology
  5. Radio Frequencies
  6. See Also

Short Range Radio

  • Intra-squad communications
  • Priority to SQL and FTLs
  • Use for sound offs, contact calls, casualty calls and other appropriate tactical information
  • Avoid “me” and utilise call signs to avoid confusion
  • Less formal than long range (e.g. ‘over’ not necessary, etc)

Long Range Radio

  • Be aware there is other radio nets
    • Squad Leader listening to multiple nets
  • Command Net
  • Other¬†Nets
    • TACP and X-RAY

Message Format

Message formats begin with the intended recipient followed by the person calling.

“Command, this is Alpha.”

The receiving callsign will acknowledge and indicate they’re ready to receive the message.

“This is Command, send.”

The caller will then send their message and finish with “over” to indicate to the receiver they are awaiting a response. This will go back and forth until someone finishes their message with “out” to indicate the conversation has concluded. Typically the conversation would only be concluded by the initial caller.


If you have an urgent message to deliver but the long-range is already in use, announce “Break, break, break” and deliver your message. Use sparingly and for messages that absolutely cannot wait.


Over – I have finished talking and I am listening for your reply

Outs – I have finished talking to you and do not expect a reply

Standby – Pause for the next transmission

Wait, out – Same as Standby

Wait, over –Same as Standby, but generally a shorter pause

Radio Frequencies

Short Range

  • Ch 1 – CMD squad net
  • Ch 2 – Alpha
  • Ch 3 – Bravo
  • Ch 4 – Charlie
  • Ch 5 – Delta
  • Ch 6 – X-RAY
  • Ch 7 – VICTOR
  • Ch 8 – Emergency Net (LR Ch 1)
  • Alt Channel Frequency 107.9 – Medical

Long Range

  • Ch 1 –¬† 40.1 – Command net
  • Ch 2 – 41.1 – Air Command net
  • Ch 3 – 42.1 – Indirect Fire Support/THUMPER
  • Ch 4 – 43.1 – Medical net

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