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ASOR Operator Training Includes

Training Intro

  • Weapons Safety
  • Radio Intro
  • Basic ArmA3

ASOR Basics

  • ASOR Rules of Engagement (ROE)
  • ASOR Structure
  • ASOR Squad Member

Squad Formations and Movement

  • Formations
  • Multiple Squads and Split Fire Teams
  • Patrolling and Navigation

Medical Procedures and QRF\Respawn

  • Medical Basics
  • Medical Priority
  • Medical Procedure
  • ACE Medical System 
  • Suggested Medical Kit
  • Casualty Procedures
  • Leadership Casualties
  • Quick Reaction Force / Respawn

Advanced Radio and Comms Procedures

  • Long Range Radio
  • Message Format and Acknowledgements

Contact Drills

  • Contact Report
  • Contact Drills
  • Squad Contact Drills

Special Weapon Considerations

  • Light Machine Gun
  • Grenadier
  • Anti-Tank
  • Marksman

Urban Operations

  • Threat Considerations
  • Room Clearing and Compound Entries
  • Urban Movement and Formations
  • Building Considerations

ASOR Immersion Considerations

  • Lost or Left Behind
  • Downed Pilot or Transport


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