Working with Infantry


There are some general rules when working with ‘squishies’ (infantry). Most important of which is that the commander needs to keep control of the driver so as to minimise any erratic movements.

Some general rules are:

  • Never reverse the vehicle.
  • Attempt to stay to the rear, or to the side of the infantry formations if possible.
  • Your main armament, especially on tanks, can injure and kill infantry if they are any further forward than the centre of the turret, and within 30m forward of the gun, due to the rapid change in air pressure created by the gun when firing.
  • When administratively moving around infantry, the loader or commander MUST dismount and guide the driver by hand and radio.

The infantry must also keep a few rules in mind around armoured vehicles:

  • Stay behind the centre-line of the vehicle to avoid being run over.
  • Maintain communications with the commander via radio.
  • When attempting to mount or dismount from a LAV, make sure the commander is aware of your intentions.


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