Callsigns and Radio Communications

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All Vehicle Callsigns are VICTOR, with the following breakdown:

  • VICTOR11 – Section Commander’s vehicle
  • VICTOR12 – Section member – Fire-Team buddy to VICTOR11
  • VICTOR13 – Section SGT/2IC’s vehicle
  • VICTOR14 – Section member – Fire-Team buddy to VICTOR13

These callsigns apply to both Tank and LAV and the callsigns are continued on to VICTOR2 and so-on if required.

The VICTOR callsign can be broken in to two teams when decided by the Section Commander, these two distinct elements are known as fire-teams, like their infantry counterparts.

Under normal conditions, the two fire-teams will be in within 200m of each other and V11 will be responsible for reporting to HQ over the command net, but if required due to distance or tasking, V13 can talk on the command net as a separate element should the situation dictate.

Should a VICTOR callsign separate in to separate fire-teams, the following procedures apply:

V11 and 12 are fireteam one, and collectively are referred to as VICTOR11 on long-range, and V13 and 14 are fireteam two and are collectively referred to as VICTOR13 on long-range.

As a general rule, the force commander will have issued the commands to split the squad in to fire-teams for separate taskings as part of the mission orders. There is however situations where the VICTOR commander may decide to split the squad, such as when tasked by the force commander to envelop a town.

VICTOR11 will advise command that they have split the callsign by referring to themselves as ‘my fireteam’ when talking about movements etc. E.g. “This is V11, my fireteam is holding the eastern end of town as a blocking force, V13 fireteam is holding the west”. When the callsign reconstitutes, the callsign is then known as ‘my callsign-complete’. E.g “My callsign-complete has reached withdrawn from our positions and reached report-line HARD-ROCK”. 



Communications between members of the same crew will be via the local chat function.


Communications between members of the same VICTOR callsign will be with the personal short-range radio.


Communications between different VICTOR callsigns will occur over the command net.

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