• There are four squads of 10 men each
  • Callsigns: ALPHA / BRAVO / CHARLIE / DELTA
  • Alpha callsign is used as example in this document
  • Squads are the Main fighting forces
  • They are responsible for taking the fight to the enemy

Squad Structure

Squad Leader

  • Callsign: ALPHA Actual
  • Leader of the squad
  • Reports to commander
  • Communicates to other lead elements
  • Duties include
    • Squad preparation readiness
    • Directing fire team leaders 
    • Squad level tactical considerations
    • Inter squad communication and co-ordination
    • Command reporting
      • Actions
      • WIA (Wounded In Action)
      • KIA (Killed In Action)
      • MIA (Missing In Action)
      • SITREP (Situation Report)
        • Callsign
        • Position 
        • Activity and/or current action
        • Personnel (WIA, KIA, MIA)
        • Effectiveness
        • Intelligence (optional fyi info)
    • Command take over if commander and 2IC is WIA or KIA

Fire Team Leader

  • There are two fire team leaders per squad 
  • Callsigns: RED / BLUE
  • Also has a number internal to squad, see squad member below
  • Team leader of a fire team
  • Reports to squad leader
  • Communicates to other squad elements
  • Duties include
    • Fire team preparation and readiness
    • Directing fire team members
    • Fire team level tactical considerations
    • Inter fire team communication and co-ordination
    • Squad commander reporting
      • Actions
      • WIA
      • KIA
      • MIA
      • SITREP
        • Callsign
        • Position 
        • Activity and/or current action
        • Personnel (WIA, KIA, MIA)
        • Effectiveness
        • Intelligence (optional fyi info)
    • Squad command take over if squad leader is WIA or KIA

Combat First Aider

  • Callsign: ALPHA CFA
  • Responsible for squad first aid
  • Reports to squad leader
  • Duties include
    • Co-ordination of recovery of wounded
    • Co-ordination of recovery of dead
    • Treatment of wounded
    • Co-ordination of specialist treatment
    • Organising medical evacuations
    • Setup of emergency treatment areas
    • Have ranking control of medical situations 
    • Need to be fluent in standard medical procedures and treatments

Squad Member

  • There are four squad members per fire team
  • Including the fire team leader they are numbered as per their fire team colour
  • Callsign: Fireteam plus role (e.g. Blue Rifleman, Red AT, Blue LMG, etc)
  • Member of a fire team
  • Reports to fire team leader
  • Duties include
    • Know your callsign
    • Know your chain of command
    • Understand your role
    • Know how to operate specialist equipment required for your role
    • Adhere to leaders direction


  • Point man
  • Generally a more experienced fireteam member
  • Typically 2IC for the fireteam
  • The Riflemen from both fireteams work together to “steer” the formation as per SQL directions


  • Fulfills the Rifleman responsibilities for Red fireteams
  • Additional responsibilities include mine sweeping and explosive ordnance disposal


  • Performs anti-armour roles
  • Equipped with specialist anti-tank weaponry

Light Machine Gunner

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