Command Team

Command Team

  • callsign: CMD
  • consists of Commander and 2IC and all specialist roles
  • specialist roles include TACP, EOD, UAV, PARAMEDIC 


  • callsign: CMD
  • commander is responsible for overall command co-ordination of all forces
  • command and co-ordination of command team specialists
  • entire force level tactical considerations
  • responsible for ground troop co-ordination
  • can communicate to all elements
  • command team preparation readiness


  • callsign: XO
  • backup and assistant to the commander
  • adviser and situation awareness to commander
  • reports to the commander
  • can communicate with all elements if required
  • command team preparation readiness
  • command take over if commander WIA or KIA

Tactical Air Control Party

  • callsign: VANDAL
  • air communications specialist
  • reports to commander
  • can communicate to any units if needed generally only for air and ground co-ordination 
  • duties include 
    • ground to air communications
    • air to ground ordnance co-ordination
    • air resupply and re-enforcement co-ordination
    • air asset de-confliction

EOD Specialist 

  • callsign: 
  • capable of performing all eod functions
    • high level detection
    • high level exposing
    • high level defusing
  • duties include 
    • vehicle repairs
    • explosive specialist
    • operates under the commander
    • brought in behind friendly forces for IED disarm or render safe and detection

UAV Specialist

  • callsign: PROPHET 
  • automated drone management
  • reports to commander
  • can communicate directly to any elements with recon reporting
  • duties include
    • uav air recon co-ordination
    • uav ordnance delivery via JTAC
    • air de-confliction with JTAC
    • ground vehicle resupply


  • two paramedics in command squad
  • callsign: GUARDIAN1 / GUARDIAN2
  • medical specialists
  • report to commander
  • not required to talk directly to other teams but communicates with CFAs via medical alt-net (107.9)
  • duties include
    • Establishing and operating the Regimental Aid Post
    • Retrieval of casualties from CFA casualty collection points
    • Organising aeromedical evacuations
    • Medical support to CFAs
    • Medical support to the CMD element

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