Air to Air Combat

Air to Air Combat


During a mission it is possible the enemy will call in reinforcements. This means RAVEN elements should always keep on alert for other Fixed Wing hostiles.


To help have the upper hand in the case of a possible Hostile Air Contact:

  • Keeping a close eye on Air Radar, it is your best way for an early alert. (Hostile Air Contacts will appear as a small Green triangle on the radar).
  • Always carry at least 2 x AIM Sidewinders for defense.
  • Know your counter measure key. This sounds silly but you don’t want to be guessing what key you need to hit when you have 2-3 seconds before the missile will hit.
  • Avoid flying near other Airbase’s.


If you ever have a confirmed Hostile Air Contact:

  • Let the TACP know! This is a must!!! The TACP will warn all other Aircraft and ground units.
  • The TACP may be able to supply location and height of hostile air contact.
  • If communication silence occurs the TACP will know you may be been shot down. (You might only have a few seconds from the time of confirmed contact to the time you have been shot down).
  • Increase speed
  • Increase altitude


There is no “set” way to fight a hostile jet. Every fight is different and comes with different challenges. However I found these small tips can help increase your chance of winning a dog fight:

  • If hostile has lock on you, pop 2-3 sets of flares and increase speed. There is still a chance a missile will hit you even if you have popped flares. The increase of speed will help buy that extra few seconds of flight that may trigger that 1 flare that will turn the missile away.
  • Avoid sharp turns, it will slow you down and you will be a sitting duck. Go Fast and turn slowly while gaining height.
  • One missile dodging move is the Red eye move, Pull up slowly and just before the missile hits put the nose down. This will slow you down for a split second and could force the missile over the top or wings. You will still keep your speed after the move as you will be in a temporary nose dive.
  • Height is your friend; if you can get above the hostile you control the fight.
  • Rather than lock and fire missiles, Try and silent kill with the Gatling gun. If you land a few good hits he will go down without having a chance to react.
  • If target is fast and you are struggling to keep up, don’t continue the chase, just go higher. Many of the Russian Jet’s will out run you.
  • If the hostile jet is trying to engage other friendly air units or ground targets lock and fire with sidewinders, this should force him off the offensive and back to defensive.
  • Don’t fire both sidewinders at once. Fire one, keep the lock going, let him waste his flares and 30+ seconds and later fire the 2nd sidewinder.
  • When firing sidewinders, always follow up with guns. He will turn to avoid the missile, it will slow him down and he will be a easier target to hit.
  • If hostile has been neutralized, RTB if possible to rearm flares and sidewinders.
  • Work with other RAVEN’s or TACP to bait hostile into a firing position.
  • Hostile Jet are always first priority. Until the threat has been neutralized do not proceed with any other tasks.



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