Cordon SOP’s

Cordon SOP’s

  – planning, without a plan a cordon will fail
  – contingency, alternates to the plan based on most likely events, actions on
  – rapid and synchronised setup
  – no notice and often diversionary tactics used to mask targeted area
    – fake LZ’s
    – deceiving flight routes
  – insertion can be via foot, ground or air
  – stealth, dynamic, close or far
  – reserved insertion, keeping a force in the air and deploying it later where needed
  – overwatch can be setup first if ability to remain undetected exists
  – otherwise overwatch can be setup with blocking force
  – once blocking force in place assault team/s initiate contact if not already underway
  – after initial engagements assault forces move in
  – blocking forces can collapse in if needed or reposition to prevent re-enforcement or escape
  – extraction
    – single or multi zone extraction can be used
      – single zone
        – all teams move to a single extraction site
      – multi zone 
        – different extraction sites for each team
        – some teams can combine if close by


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