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ASOR Gear Selector is an alternative to VAS developed for ASOR (and later released to public) mainly due to the many hacks we needed to get VAS working to our liking, and even then still having issues with uniforms, etc.  Since the public release, there’s a few settings that you will need to change to get it up to scratch for our missions. It can be downloaded from Armaholic at . Newest version can be downloaded here:

ASORGS_VAS_Prefix = "VAS";

This makes it compatible with VAS, but NOT ASORVAS, so all of your old presets will be missing. To make it compatible with ASORVAS, just change VAS to ASORVAS.

ASORGS_BackgroundLogo = "asor-textures\ASOR_LogoBig_co.paa";

This makes it use the ASOR logo as the background.  You can also use an image in your map.

! Note that the blacklist and whitelist are case sensitive.

ASORGS_Blacklist = [];

ASORGS_Whitelist = [];

Please see the Gear Selector Blacklist and Gear Selector Whitelist pages for the actual list contents.

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