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5.56mm Ammunition

Comes in 30 round magazines.

5.56 ammunition is the standard round used by most infantry during combat. It’s light, versatile in different environments and generally has more rounds per magazine than heavier ammo, making them an excellent round for engagement in close and medium range combat. The standard effective range for a 5.56 round is below 400m, with a maximum range of 600m. Engagement is possible outside these ranges, however the effectiveness of the round becomes minimal due to a major loss in velocity. It is advised that engagement with this round is restricted to below 400 metres unless ordered by your Fire Team Leader or Squad Leader.

M855A1 EPR
High penetration but low damage. Good for shooting through walls/fences/etc.

Mk318 Mod 0 SOST
Medium penetration and medium damage. Good all-round ammo.

Mk262 Mod 1 SPR
Low penetration but high damage. Best for open environments where penetration through walls/fences is unlikely to be needed.

7.62mm Ammunition

Comes in 20 round magazines and 150 round boxes (Mk319 Mod 0 Ball Barrier only).

7.62 ammunition is more specialized than its 5.56 counterpart, as it is mainly implemented in marksman and heavy gun scenarios. This is mainly due to the rounds generally higher damage and accuracy over range. 7.62 rifles are usually paired with high-magnification scopes (4x and above). The standard effective range for a 7.62 round is below 600m, with a maximum engagement range of 800m.

Best penetration out of the 7.62mm rounds, but lower average damage than other variants.

Mk319 Mod 0 Ball Barrier
Medium penetration and high damage, but limited effectiveness at long range. Good for close quarters combat.

Lapua Full Metal Jacket SUBSONIC
Much lower damage and speed than the other 7.62 ammo types, but much quieter and less likely to alert enemies to your position. Very precise but lots of bullet drop due to its’ low speed.

AAC .300 Blackout

Comes in 30 round magazines.

Full Metal Jacket

Boat Tail Hollow Point


SCP 6.8 Remington

Comes in 30 round magazines.

SPC Full Metal Jacket

SPC Tipped Triple Shock X



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