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5.45x39mm Ammunition

The 5.45×39 cartridge is a full metal jacket, rimless, bottlenecked rifle round used by a wide variety of AK-74, AKS-74U and AK-100 series rifles. Designed to largely replace the heavier 7.62×39 cartridge used in previous Kalashnikov weapons systems, the 5.45×39 offers a soviet-designed competitor to the 5.56×45 NATO combat rifle round and is most notably used as the Russian Army’s main service rifle cartridge. Magazines come in both 30 and 45 rounds.

Editor’s notes:

All velocities were tested on the FTX using a 16.3 inch barrel (AK-74MR) at 100m and are an average derived from 10 tests.

Damage ratings are relative to each variant of the 5.45×39 cartridge, not to all cartridges as a whole. (e.g. although the 7N6 is considered a “low damage” round, it should still exhibit greater damage to that of a pistol cartridge in the same test conditions).

| Impact Velocity/100m – 739.0ms-1 | Damage – Low |

Interestingly the 5N7 round in ArmA 3 has no real life counterpart and is widely believed to be an internet – spread error referring to 7N6 or a designation used by western sources during the 1980’s. In-game, 5N7 exhibits properties incredibly similar to 7N6, and as such can be considered identical.

| Impact Velocity/100m – 748.9ms-1 | Damage – Low |

Original design of the 5.45×39 cartridge. Features a FMJ boat-tail design with an unhardened steel core and a hollow cavity at the tip of the round. Good against lightly armoured and non armoured targets, however has trouble penetrating modern body armour.

| Impact Velocity/100m – 748.8ms-1 | Damage – Med |

The 7N10 is an updated design of the 7N6 design, featuring a sleeker hardened steel core and lead filled tip, the 7N10 boasts higher penetration whilst still maintaining similar ballistic properties to the 7N6 variant.

| Impact Velocity/100m – 779.54ms-1 | Damage – High |

Armour piercing variant of the 5.45×39 cartridge. Features a sharply pointed steel penetrator and lead filled tip for jacket discarding. Good against armoured targets.

| Impact Velocity/100m – 713.0ms-1 | Damage – Low |

Similar to the 7N6 round, the 7T3M fills the role of the 5.45×39 tracer variant. Tracers burn out to 800m.

| Impact Velocity/100m – 270.0ms-1 | Damage – Very Low |

Subsonic version of the 5.45×39 round. Developed for use in combination with a suppressor for quiet firing.


7.62x54mmR Ammunition

7.62x54mmR is a rimmed rifle cartridge used primarily in a variety of sniper rifles and machine guns, most notably the Dragunov and PKM/P GPMG. Originally introduced in 1891 for the Mosin-Nagant, the 7.62x54mmR is the oldest rifle cartridge that is still used as a standard issue rimmed cartridge and boasts the longest service life of all military-issued cartridges. Comes in a variety of magazines and boxes.

Editor’s notes:

All velocities were tested on the FTX using a 23.8 inch barrel* (PKM) at 100m and are an average derived from 10 tests.

*Bar the 7N1, which is SVD specific and was tested with a barrel length of 24.4 inch.

Damage ratings are relative to each variant of the 7.62x54mmR cartridge, not to all cartridges as a whole. (e.g. although the 7T2 is considered a “low damage” round, it should still exhibit greater damage to that of a 5.45x39mm cartridge in the same test conditions).

| Impact Velocity/100m – 716.03ms-1 | Damage – Low |

Most conventional of the 7.62x54mmR. Features a steel-core bullet design aimed at both personnel and lightly armoured weapon systems. Has the least penetration potential out of all the 7.62mmR designs.

| Impact Velocity/100m – 716.36ms-1 | Damage – Low |

Tracer variant of the 7.62x54mmR round. Has ballistic properties similar to the 57-N-323S cartridge.

| Impact Velocity/100m – 716.34ms-1 | Damage – Med |

Upgraded version of the 57-N-323S round that features a heat-strengthened steel core that improves penetration against targets wearing body armour.

| Impact Velocity/100m – 749.2ms-1 | Damage – High|

Armour Piercing version of the 7.62x54mmR round. Has significantly higher penetration capabilities than the 7N13 variant. Designed for heavily armoured targets and lightly-armoured vehicles.

| Impact Velocity/100m – 725.31ms-1 | Damage – Very High |

Armour Piercing/Incendiary round. Features penetration properties similar to 7N26 with the added benefit of dealing Incendiary damage upon impact. Designed for use against weapons systems and lightly-armoured vehicles.

| Impact Velocity/100m – 763.65ms-1 | Damage – Med |

7.62x54mmR round designed specifically for use in sniper rifles. Boasts greater accuracy over range in exchange for some of the greater penetration potential seen round types such as 7N26 and 7N13

7.62mm Default
|Impact Velocity/100m – 620.73ms-1|

Vanilla ArmA 3 7.62 cartridge that chambers the stock AK-12 introduced in the Apex Expansion. Features properties similar to 57-N-323S.


Based on the 7.62x39mm desgin that chambered the SKS and AK-47, the 9x39mm cartridge is a subsonic, close-range sniper round designed for use in the AS Val and VSS Vintorez suppressed-sniper rifle platforms. Although its low velocity requires the round to be used in close-quarters engagements, its subsonic nature and combined weapons system make it a perfect platform for stealth and clandestine operations. Comes in 20 and 10 round magazines.

|Impact Velocity/100m – 280.16ms-1 | Damage – Med |

Standard variant of the 9x39mm round. Features a conventional lead core and developed with accuracy in mind.

|Impact Velocity/100m – 280.16ms-1 | Damage – High |

Armour piercing version of the 9x39mm cartridge. Replaces the core with hardened metal designed for penetrating body armour at close range.



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