M67 Fragmentation Grenade
The M67 frag grenade is a throwable explosive that projects metal shrapnel at high velocity from the point of detonation. It is most useful in CQC envionments where the combination of limited mobility and short fuse time combine to cause devestating results. The M67 can also be used to indirectly engage targets that are behind cover or not visible, or to engage close groups of enemy combatants. Fuse time is 4 seconds.

RGO Fragmentation Grenade
Much like the M67, the RGO detonates and projects a cloud of fast moving shrapnel to kill its target. However, an inbuilt fuse will trigger the RGOs impact functionality after 1 second, causing it to detonate whenever it hits the ground or an object. After 4 seconds of airtime, the grenade will manually detonate.


M84 Stun Grenade
The M84 stun grenade is a throwable flash-bang, designed to blind and deafen enemy targets within a small area. The M84 is best used in confined spaces and when outright killing all occupants of a location is not possible (rescue/capture missions). Fuse time is 2 seconds, duration depends on proximity and line-of sight.


M18 Smoke Grenade
The M18 smoke grenade is used for marking enemy locations for CAS, marking landing zones for transport aircraft and for concealing friendly troops as they maneouver. Fuse time is 2 seconds, duration is 50 seconds, Radius: 2m, Height: 2m (no wind). The effectiveness of the grenade for concleament decreases with the amount of wind present. M18 comes in several variants: White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple. Colour uses are as follows:

Concealment:                   White.
Cold LZ:                              Blue, Green.
Hot LZ:                               Yellow, Orange.
Medivac LZ:                     Purple.
CAS Targeting:              Red.

IR Strobe/Grenade
The IR (infra-red) strobe is a tool used to mark friendly locations and to designate LZ’s for transport aircraft. It can only be seen via equipment capable of night vision or FLIR. The IR strobe can be attached to oneself using the ACE 3 self interaction menu.

Note: The IR strobe (misc items) is capable of being attached and detached multiple times. the IR Grenade (grenade items) can only be attached and detached once.



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