40mm Ammunition

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40mm Ammunition

Vanilla ArmA 3

40mm rounds are multi-purpose munitions fired from an underslung M203 grenade launcher. 

High Explosive
High Explosive 40mm rounds cause a medium sized explosion on impact. Good for groups of enemies at range. Also good for clearing compounds/buildings very quickly. Effective range is 300, maximum range is 450.

40mm Flare
40mm flares are launch-able illumination rounds attached to a parachute to slow decent. They are capable of lighting up large areas, and are useful for when NVG’s are not available. 40mm flare comes in several variants: white, red, yellow, green, IR. Duration is 50 seconds. Flare release depends on how far the M203 was ranged in.

40mm Smoke
The 40mm Smoke round is used for marking enemy locations for CAS and for concealing friendly troops as they maneuver. Rounds have a tendency to bounce. The effectiveness of the grenade for concealment decreases with the amount of wind present. 40mm smoke comes in several variants: White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple and IR. Colour uses are as follows:

Concealment:                   White
CAS Marking:                  Red


GP-25 Under-slung Grenade Launcher

The GP-25 grenade launcher is an under-slung 40mm grenade launcher designed for the AK-74 series rifle. It has an effective range of 400m and facilitates the firing of a variety of different munitions.

VOG -25
|Type – High Explosive|

The VOG – 25 is the standard offensive 40mm munition for the GP – 25. Explodes on impact and creates a cloud of shrapnel that’s deadly out to 6m.

VOG – 25P
|Type – High Explosive|

The VOG -25P is identical to it’s standard cousin, however has the unique property of bouncing upon impact and air-bursting at a height between 0.5m and 1.5m. This has a devastating effect of producing a could of shrapnel that can circumnavigate low cover and reach a wider area.

VG – 40TB
|Type – Thermobaric|

The VG – 40 TB is an impact detonated thermometric explosive which creates a large, high temperature cloud to destroy targets. Thermobaric rounds are especially useful for confined spaces such as buildings, bunkers and alleyways.

VG – 40SZ
|Type – Stun|

The VG – 40SZ is a 40mm underslung fired stun round which exhibits the same effects as a standard flash bang. The round will detonate after a fuse time of 2.5 seconds.

VG – 400P
|Type – Flare|

GP – 25 launched flare round. Comes in green, red and white variants.

GRD – 40 / VG – 40 MD
|Type – Smoke|

GP – 25 launched smoke round. Comes in green, red and white variants.

GMD – 40
|Type – Fast Action Smoke|

A short range, fast action smoke round that detonates within 50m of the user. Good for immediate smoke screens, however the smoke cloud only lasts for a few seconds. Comes in white only.



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