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When creating a map and you need to copy in for example the ASOR Template with all our Squads the units paste in as not playable and you have to go into each one manually and change it to playable. This little trick lets you edit the mission.sqm and change them all in a minute flat.

Its recommended in the ASOR Template set the ASOR Commander to Player, save and exit to write it to the mission.sqm, this can then be used to easily find the start of the players int he mission.sqm.


You can then search for player=”PLAYER to find him and the rest should be directly after that.

In your map dir (my docs) edit your mission.sqm with notepad++
Press “Ctrl F” to bring up the find box and search for “player” until you find the ASOR Commander you set to player earlier. 

Go to the replace tab at the top and set “Search Mode” to “Extended” located in the bottom left of the search box.

In the “Find What” enter:


In the “Replace With” enter:

player="PLAY CDG";\n\t\t\t\t\tskill=

CAUTION: Make sure you only do one at a time don’t do a replace all as everything has a skill value including objects like poles or buildings. You only want to set playable to our units, the units in the ASOR Template should mostly be one after the other once you find the first one but there will be the occasion module or object that will slip in between so be sure not to add playable to that.

If you do add playable to something wrong simple click back on the code area (out of the search box) and press “Ctrl Z” to undo.

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