ASOR Mission and Map Templates

Template Location

Templates are located in your ARMA3 Dir inside the @ASOR mod, ensure you have synced with ASORSYNC before using the templates.:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\@ASOR\Missions\


Enabling the Template for Use

Copy the templates or template you want to use into your missions folder so it can be opened in the ARMA3 Editor. Either:

C:\Users\'windowsusername'\Documents\Arma 3\'a3profilename'\missions
C:\Users\'windowsusername'\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\'a3profilename'\missions



There are two ways you can use the template, open the template and save it as a new name (your mission name) and begin editing your mission with ASOR Edit. 


Create your mission with ASOR Edit in a blank map, save it then open the template map and merge your map into the template. Then do a Save As so as to not overwrite the template. (this method is recommended, editing is faster without template in and there is less chance of corrupting any settings or placements from the template.


Merge Mission into Template

In the ARMA3 Editor open the template, at the top of the screen there is a Merge button. Click that and select your pre-saved mission you created and selecting MERGE. The two missions will be as one, Click Save As and save your mission as per your operation name. Perform Final Steps section.


Updating Templates

When you have already merged a template into your mission and there has been an update to the template and you need to update it you need to delete all items that are created in your mission from the template. Including units, buildings, modules and other objects. Once they are deleted Save your mission again and then start from the Merge Mission into Template section using the new template which will need to be copied from your ARMA3 @ASOR\Missions\ directory again. 



Once you have merged the template or are using the template to edit your mission you need to alt tab or exit out of the game and go to your missions folder and copy the description.ext from the template directory into your mission directory. 

C:\Users\’windowsusername‘\Documents\Arma 3 – Other Profiles\’a3profilename‘\missions\ASOR_Template_FOB.Kunduz\description.ext


C:\Users\’windowsusername‘\Documents\Arma 3 – Other Profiles\’a3profilename‘\missions\’yourmissionname’\description.ext

You can then edit the description.ext with any text editor (notepad ect) and change the following settings.

  • author = “yourname” –”; // Prefixed with ‘By’ and displayed under the onLoadName.
  • onLoadName = “yourmissionname“; // Displayed in large font at the top of the loading mission box, limited characters does not wrap.



When you have completed your mission, merged the latest template and saved you need to check:

  • BEFORE exporting to Multiplayer conduct these finals checks.
  • Ensure the description.ext is copied from the template folder to your mission folder and adjusted accordingly. 
  • ASOR Debug is Off in the ASOR Setup Module (off by default – if you get the intro when you load in its set to off)
  • ASOR Edit Debug is Off in the ASOR Edit Main Module (AE) (on by default – displays the zone spawning and fault finding info)
  • Also ensure there is only one AE module or that at least one exists.
  • ASOR units are playable and are in the correct locations if you have moved any for testing.

It is preferred that your missions are named ASOR_Op_opname_missionname so they are easily found in the server list. 




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