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Contributors: suits, lecks, Ro8odog, Reapersmurf – ASOR Members

Version: 1.00

Description: ASOR Identity adds a menu option to every dead OPFOR unit that allows you to check if they are the objective target. Displays a local hint to the player as to the targets identity. This script settings and edits are aimed at editing the ASOR Map Template.

Requirements: UCD Unit Caching Script and CBA_A3


Copy folder

  • ASOR_Identity

to folder

  • #mission_name\scripts\

Replace the following UCD line in your description.ext

  • #include "scripts\unitCaching\description.ext"


  • #include "scripts\ASOR_Identity\description.ext"

In your mission place two OPFOR units and name them obj1 and obj2, they will then be identified as the names entered into the asor_identity.sqf.


  • "scripts\ASOR_Identity\asor_identify.sqf"

to change the name that is displayed in the hint.

Ensure you have by default two named players in the map, obj1 and obj2. The script will error without them. If you have changed the number of objectives you must include all names.

You can change what faction displays the option – see the ASOR_AddIdenty_Action.sqf file for details on how to do this.


Version 1.0



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