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This is a near future alternate story line. The UK successfully completed Brexit leaving the European Union (EU), soon after France, Germany and Poland followed leaving the EU in disarray. NATO is a shell of it’s former self with the United States downsizing its involvement. The increased nationalisation and militarisation of the oil and gas pipelines out of Russia has seen France, Germany and Poland form a military alliance, the Weimar Union (and subsequent Weimar Battlegroup) in an effort to protect national interests beyond their borders.

A key junction point for Russian pipelines and a heavy oil and gas production is the country of Bekovetus (fictional) situated in the Eastern states of the now disfunctional EU. Bekovetus includes the mainland divided into three states, Bekotov, Leskovets, Taunaus and several offshore islands in the Baltic Sea, all key to the production and transport of oil throughout Europe and access to the rest of the world.


With the recent instability in Europe and the formation of the Weimar Battlegroup the Kremlin has called for a military buildup on the Berkovetus border and increased special forces activity in the Donetsk and Crimean protectorates under Operation Sickle Star. To better facilitate the operation phase one calls for an escalation of the offensive against rebels in the Chernarus region to both limit the required resources there at a later stage and draw international attention away from the main objective. 

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