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Set in December 1967 the US have requested further operational support from its allies for the conflict in Vietnam. Australia has responded with sending a complete Regiment of special operations forces – ASOR.  The regiments squadrons will be broken into three operational areas.

  1. Operation Kestrel
  2. Operation Peregrine
  3. Operation Goshawk


1SQN will operate under Operation Kestrel which is broken into two main phases, 1st Phase is to capture the island of Pulau off the cost of Vietnam which is currently being used as a supply and forward operating base by the Vietcong. The island of Pulau will become a primary supply route for Australian reinforcement and supply.

2nd Phase will be to bolster the DMZ region in conjunction with US forces. Intelligence suggests the NVA are likely to mount a new offensive in the new year and its expected the DMZ will be the focal point of that offensive with an attempt to break through to the South. Increased patrolling and counter offensive operations along and around the DMZ area will be 1SQNs main focus.


2SQN will operate under Operation Peregrine with the primary objective to conduct Vietnam Regional Stabilisation Operations, this is primary located in the central regions currently heavy with Vietcong rebels. 2SQN will support local Australian and American regular forces with leadership targeting and known stronghold assaults, including cross border if required.


3SQN will operate under Operation Goshawk, a top secret operation designed to bring the fight to the enemies backyard. It will include deep enemy territory incursions, leadership targeting, POW and CSAR and enemy asset targeting all in Northern Vietnam or cross border locations.

Campaign Maps

1SQN – DMZ and Northern Defence Operations

Khe Sanh – Largest Northern Base – Just below Border of DMZ
Da Krong – On Border of DMZ
Phu Bai – Coastal Region South of DMZ
Song Bin Tanh – On Border of DMZ
Pulau – Out of Country Occupied Island – Training Area

2SQN – Vietnam Regional Stabilisation Operations

Plei Trap – Central Southern Vietnam Region
Nam2 – Saigon Region, Southern Vietnam
Lam Dong – Central Southern Vietnam Region
Lowlands, Quang Ngai – Central Coast Southern Vietnam Region

3 SQN – Cross Border and Leadership Targeting

Cao Bang – Deep Northern Vietnam – Hostile Region – No Friendly Bases
Doung Island – Contested Island off North Vietnam Coast
Prei Khmaoch Luong – Laos Border
La Drang – Cambodia Border Region, Central Southern Vietnam



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