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Прохор мысли

Unfair detaining of our countrymen and women

After recent struggles it has become apparent that those who strive to better this nation have come under persecution and unlawful detainment.  As is typical in the way of the Bekovetus government they’ve taken it upon themselves to begin troubling those among us who would stand up to see these lands made rich once more.  The local police have begun clutching at shadows, detaining anyone they see fit in an effort to locate and eliminate opponents of their oppression. Multiple eyewitness reports suggest the areas around Finstanthal have become subject to unwarranted police presence.  There are even rumours of interrogation and brutality at the hands of those claiming to protect us.

We cannot stand by and idly watch the powers that be lay waste to the visionaries that pursue a greater path for our people.  Somethings must be done in order to stop their unrelenting dismissal of our concerns.  But above all else we must ensure the safety and integrity of our people that they may help us in the trials ahead.

By Прохор Волков


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