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Wednesday: Operation Peregrine Boa


For applicants looking to join you will need to attend am Induction night first.  

Wednesday Operation nights are primarily used as training and advancement nights where members can begin to refine different roles in ASOR. Most Wednesdays will include some training/learning followed by operations to support the topic being covered on the night. 

Operation briefs will be added below when the mission maker has them ready.

Attendance Times, Per State:

  • NSW / VIC / TAS / QLD – 7:15pm
  • NT / SA – 6:45pm
  • WA – 5:15pm

Mission By Irony?

Setup and Preparation: 1915hrs (Sydney time)
Server Preparation and Mission Load: 1900hrs (Sydney time)
Briefing and Mission Launch: 1930hrs (Sydney time)


Australia, ARVN and the US are making a combined push to the now heavily fortified airbase, Objective Hydrophis. 1SQN has secured the northern peninsula up to Objective Anchorage, ARVN are trying to secure the peninsula to the south-east of the airbase and the US are staging South of the airbase in the vicinity of Hen San in preparation for a South-to-North Assault as soon as the ARVN Corden is set. ARVN’s corden strongly relies on the retention of Firebase Trinity, which 2SQN now controls. 2SQN (ASOR) is to clear the immediate villages of known NVA and VC activity in order to secure the ARVN flank on Objective Hydrophis. 


ASOR’s primary objective is to support the ARVN corden on Hydrophis, through conducting river patrols of the immediate area surrounding Firebase Trinity. If ARVN needs immediate support in their corden – 2SQN will be retasked onto their peninsula. Tertiary to this: the previous ARVN garrison at Firebase Trinity was for the most part executed on site, prior to Australian forces recapturing the base. The VC in the base then used the ARVN uniform to trick 2SQN on their arrival. Despite 2SQN coming away somewhat unscathed from this deception, High Command would like to take the VC lieutenant – one Binh Nhi into custody for his crimes. This man is to be captured alive. 

Enemy –
NVA/VC – Infantry, Mechanised, Technicals

Friendly –
Infantry – Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Command
Air: Xray/Dagger, 
Naval – Stingray

US (Notional)
ARVN (Notional)

Civilian –
Unknown. Likely to be seen in villages. Due to “Hearts and Minds” Policy, Civilian Village Infrastructure must be maintained.

Terrain –
Nam2 – Jungle, Rivers, Mountains, all the “Good” things. 

Weather –

Sunny with a slight chance of death


Secure the area surrounding Firebase Trinity in order to support the ARVN corden on OBJ Hydrophis. 


The mission will occur in SIX phases:
Phase One – Briefing and Preparation
Phase Two – Insertion
Phase Three – First Execution Phase
Phase Four – Second Execution Phase
Phase Five – Extraction
Phase Six – Debriefing


Radio Setup
Radios will be pre-programmed on issue.
Channels as per comms board on day of operation
Chain of Command:
ASOR Commander
Squad Commanders
Air Commander
Vehicle Commander


Please download and use ASORSYNC for all mods and game launch.


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Attendance is closed for this event.


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