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Wednesday: Operation Hydra Tisiphone

19:15 - 23:00

For applicants looking to join you will need to attend am Induction night first.  

Wednesday Operation nights are primarily used as training and advancement nights where members can begin to refine different roles in ASOR. Most Wednesdays will include some training/learning followed by operations to support the topic being covered on the night. 

Operation briefs will be added below when the mission maker has them ready.

Attendance Times, Per State:

  • NSW / VIC / TAS / QLD – 7:15pm
  • NT / SA – 6:45pm
  • WA – 5:15pm


Mission By ReaperSmurf & BadMoon

Setup and Preparation: 1915hrs (Sydney time)
Server Preparation and Mission Load: 1900hrs (Sydney time)
Briefing and Mission Launch: 1930hrs (Sydney time)

ASOR is conducting a covert operation (Hydra) in Somalia aimed at eliminating the leadership of the African Wahhabist Front (AWF), a heavily armed and powerful radical islamist faction on the rise. During previous missions, we managed to recover a critical informer, win the favour of the local populace and the African Union, as well as eliminating the regional commander of Northern Dariyah (“The Spider”). Although very successful, this is only the beginning phase of Operation Hydra. ASOR still needs identify and eliminate the majority of key AWF leadership figures, as well as locating and destroying the AWF’s heavy weapons. Last missions showed that the AWF is recognising the threat level that ASOR is posing to their operations, and they are showing and increased willingness to commit their heavy weapons to the fight. Our top priority is to target these assets to maintain an advantage. Additionally, we received disturbing reports that the growing support for ASOR operations is causing the AWF to turn on the local populace. The African Union is reporting increased violence against the local population and AU aid workers in the area.

The African Union reported that two AU aid workers have gone dark after travelling to a farm North of Ben Guerrir. The aid workers activated their emergency beacon for a short time. They are likely to be killed or kidnapped by AWF forces. This is confirmed by local intel sources. We are to investigate the site of the attack and rescue the aid workers – if possible – based on intel updates after investigation. Additionally, local sources reported that the AWF have been transporting heavy weapon shipments into the area around Ben Guerrir. Based on previous mission and local intel, CMD estimates that these are likely to be 82mm mortars of Russian origin. We are to locate and destroy these to deny the enemy of critical indirect support capabilities.

Enemy –
Update on the AWF:
– AWF is likely to display moderate to high levels of combat awareness
– increased threat of light armour and fixed weapon explacements
– moderate level of IEDs in the AO

Friendly –
Friendly units include:
– recon: STALKER
– Indirect Fire Support: THUMPER
– Light armour: VICTOR
– Rotary: XRAY (utility/transport), DEVIL (attack)

Civilian –
Civilian presence expected near civilian settlements. Civilian populace is friendly towards ASOR. African Union aid workers are present in the AO.

Terrain –
Somalia, Dariyah Province
BIOME: Arid, desert

1. Locate and secure aid workers North of Ben Guerrir
2. Locate and destroy AWF mortar positions

The mission will occur in SIX phases:
Phase One – Briefing and Preparation
Phase Two – Insertion
Phase Three – Investigate attack site and conduct rescue operation
Phase Four – S&D of enemy IDFS assets
Phase Five – Extraction
Phase Six – Debriefing

Radio Setup
Radios will be pre-programmed on issue.
Channels as per comms board on day of operation
Chain of Command:
ASOR Commander
Squad Commanders
Air Commander
Vehicle Commander

Please download and use ASORSYNC for all mods and game launch.


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  • morty13
  • sir_paradox
  • Sm0key
  • Jacobo
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  • ReaperSmurf
  • Poxy
  • BadMoonRising
  • PUDD1N
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