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Wednesday: Operation Khmer Gavreel

19:15 - 23:00

For applicants looking to join you will need to attend am Induction night first.  

Wednesday Operation nights are primarily used as training and advancement nights where members can begin to refine different roles in ASOR. Most Wednesdays will include some training/learning followed by operations to support the topic being covered on the night. 

Operation briefs will be added below when the mission maker has them ready.

Attendance Times, Per State:

  • NSW / VIC / TAS / QLD – 7:15pm
  • NT / SA – 6:45pm
  • WA – 5:15pm



The failing Khmer Rouge in Cambodia has fled east into the dense jungle of Vietnam. The Vietnamese lacks both the military and the resources to effectively flush of the exiled Cambodian government and has requested international support.


The conflict involving Vietnam, China and NATO essentially formed the void that allowed the Khmer Rouge to grow. It is suspected that the Khmer Rouge’s dramatic rise has been due to foreign investment, the most popular opinion being, that the PLA funded the Khmer’s military as a contingency plan for the Tanoan islands. By the time China had been removed from the Tanoan Islands by Australia, the Khmer Rouge had succeeded in overthrowing the Cambodian government and established a new party called the Democratic Kampuchea . What followed was the systematic slaughter of 3 million Cambodians. The new government tried to legitimize the genocide as a  national depopulation directive. NATO responded…

By mid-late 2017 the Khmer Rouge had been completely removed from Cambodia by NATO. The remaining officials have fled to the dense jungle of the Cambodian-Vietnamese border, where traditional NATO forces cannot operate effectively. Due to Australia’s success in the jungles of Tanoa, NATO has requested that Australia conduct the ‘mopping up’ of the Khmer Regime army and officials.




The remains of the Democratic Kampuchea’s Government has fled into the dense jungle of Vietnam. 
The majority of the Government’s executive still live. These are High-Value Targets, that NATO would like alive. They include: 
– Pol Pot: “Brother Number 1”
-Nuon Chea: “Brother Number 2” 
– leng Sary: “Brother Number 3” 
– Son Sen: “The Teacher”
– Yon Yat: ” The Preacher”

Khieu Samphan ” The Judge” was apprehended in the government HQ and is in Australian custody at ASOR HQ. Ta Mok, a low ranking official was found at Phuoc Long, was… persuaded into aiding Australia in the pursuit of the remainder of the Khmer officials.

Of more pressing concern is the emergence of PLA units in Vietnam. Their presence is troubling and may spell disaster for Australia in the region, as we are not adequately equipped to deal with the PLA military at this stage. Their presence is unexpected, but not overly surprising given their recent attacks in Tanoa and the Khmer’s seemingly endless wealth of assets. The good news story is that we uncovered a vast wealth of Intel as we retreated from Phuoc Long. The few survivors we had to manage to extract that critical information. It appears that the PLA is preparing for a mass assault on Australia’s camp Able. Camp Able acts as a FAP for Australia and any CIV populations in the area. Logistically, it is central to the region of Song Bin Tanh and is one of the few locations that larger Helo’s can insert. For this reason, we must defend it.


PLA plan to take the high ground to Camp Able’s west in an Eastern push from An Khe (Route purple). Once the high ground is taken they are going to pincer the camp with Mechanised forces from the north and armour from the South.

Camp able is little more than a pile of industrial equipment and barracks at the current moment. High Command has provided Muff Corp. fortification materials at Camp Baker, these will need to be transported over to Camp Able and set up prior to the PLA assault. 

Enemy –
Well equipped and funded national military of China. Armour expected ranges from BTR to BMP to tank variants. There is no evidence of any aerial threat at this time. There is no evidence of any MANPAD or other anti air threat in the AO. 

Friendly (ASOR) –
Australian forces: 
2x Infantry callsigns (Alpha, Charlie)
XRAY (1-2x)
Devil/Dagger (1x)
Echo/Bravo (IDF / MuffCorp. tradesmen)

ASSETS: Bushmaster Logistic Support Vehicle (mortar, medical, defensive, other). 

Civilian –

Terrain –
Song Bin Tan: Dense Jungle


Delay the PLA push through the Camp Able high ground while ASOR MuffCorpsmen  set up defences in Camp Able. Defend Camp able with your life… 
If we immerge from the attack alive find the Khmer government officials 


The mission will occur in SIX phases:
Phase One – Briefing and Preparation
Phase Two – Delay PLA along Route Purple
Phase Three – Set up Muff Corp. fortifications
Phase Four – Defend Camp Able
Phase Five – Find missing Khmer officials. 
Phase Six – Profit


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