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Sunday: Operation Neon Comet

19:15 - 23:00



14th MARCH, 1982 – Soviet Union and United States signs the GNR Treaty (German Nuclear Removal), which ensures that no nuclear missiles are to be kept within Germany. By March 20th, the United States had moved all nuclear weapons out of Germany, but the Soviet Union had not. 

25th MARCH, 1982 – Soviet Union nuclear missile site still visible from spy planes, but soviets insist the missiles have been removed. Overnight, the missiles seem to completely vanish, but there are no intelligence reports indicating the missiles have been moved out of country. The United States grows increasingly stressed at the soviet’s lack of communication. 

10th APRIL, 1982 – Soviet Union announces construction of five new steel refining facilities across Germany. The construction happens extremely quickly. 

25th APRIL, 1982 – US intelligence officers undercover within East German industrial ministry report that there has been no physical increase in steel production, the steel only exists on paper, and it is likely the steel plants are being used for other purposes. 

28th APRIL, 1982 – A worker within one of the steel refineries is successfully recruited by US intelligence, the worker is able to photograph the construction of nuclear missile systems within the steel plants, and indicates that the layout of the plant will allow these system to be deployed quickly. 

30th APRIL, 1982 – The Soviet Union is in clear violation of the GNR, the United States is confident that these nukes, and military buildup on the border, suggest that the Soviets intend to strike in the near future. The United States prepares special forces to infiltrate East Germany are steal Soviet nuclear weapons, limiting their capabilities.

30th APRIL, 1982 – Following the events of Operation Neon Spark, the Soviet invasion of Europe has begun and a nuclear exchange has occurred worldwide. Military and civilian targets in Russia, the United States and across Europe have been destroyed by long range Nuclear weapons however major targets hit include large amounts of both the US and Russian nuclear infrastructure so further long range strikes are unlikely. A soviet invasion force has begun pushing into West Germany.

3rd MAY, 1982 – US and west German forces have been unable to hold their ground against the Russian invasion and due to significant damage from nuclear weapons on the 30th of April the defense in north Germany is collapsing. Southern forces are losing access to the sea which has significantly slowed down supplies and reinforcements from the UK. With Austria and Switzerland choosing to remain neutral, at least for the time being, Italian reinforcements have also been delayed. 

6th MAY, 1982 – Friendly forces arrive to support the remaining German and US forces as they hold their ground in south Germany. Australian troops also land to support a planned counterattack pushing east while US and English reinforcements plan an attack by sea and air on the northern border.


The US counter assault towards the town of Granichak prior to Operation Neon Fallout and the lack of progress by the remaining German and US forces in the south have made it clear that the defence across the Russian side of the frontline is too strong to make a significant breakthrough. The Russians have been using several roads heading east out of the AO to resupply their troops on the frontline. In an attempt to create an opening for friendly forces to break through and to cut off these supply routes, British paratroopers will be HALO dropping behind enemy lines to cause as much havoc as they can. Stalker units have been sent ahead of our drop to scout out potential targets along these routes and our job will be to assault and destroy whatever we think will hurt the Russians the most as well as hold the roads to stop any supply vehicles from reaching the front.


Little progress has been made on the front line by US and German troops. British paratroopers will attempt to give them an opening by dropping east and destroying targets of opportunity to spread the Soviet forces out.

Enemy –
Enemy expected: East German light Infantry, Russian infantry reinforcements, light and heavy armour, transport and attack rotary

Friendly –
British: Paratroopers

Civilian –

Terrain –


Land behind enemy lines, blow stuff up, defend against counterattack.


Phase One – Briefing and Preparation
Phase Two – Insertion
Phase Three – Hit priority targets
Phase Four – Hold against counter attack

For applicants looking to join you will need to attend am Induction night first.  

Sunday Operation nights are ASORs primarily operation night.  Operation briefs will be added below when the mission maker has them ready.

Attendance Times, Per State:

  • NSW / VIC / TAS / QLD – 7:15pm
  • NT / SA – 6:45pm
  • WA – 5:15pm



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