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applicants looking to join you will need to attend am Induction night first.  

Sunday Operation nights are ASORs primarily operation night.  Operation briefs will be added below when the mission maker has them ready.

Attendance Times, Per State:

  • NSW / VIC / TAS / QLD – 7:15pm
  • NT / SA – 6:45pm
  • WA – 5:15pm





14th MARCH, 1982 – Soviet Union and United States signs the GNR Treaty (German Nuclear Removal), which ensures that no nuclear missiles are to be kept within Germany. By March 20th, the United States had moved all nuclear weapons out of Germany, but the Soviet Union had not.


25th MARCH, 1982 – Soviet Union nuclear missile site still visible from spy planes, but soviets insist the missiles have been removed. Overnight, the missiles seem to completely vanish, but there are no intelligence reports indicating the missiles have been moved out of country. The United States grows increasingly stressed at the soviet’s lack of communication.


10th APRIL, 1982 – Soviet Union announces construction of five new steel refining facilities across Germany. The construction happens extremely quickly.


25th APRIL, 1982 – US intelligence officers undercover within East German industrial ministry report that there has been no physical increase in steel production, the steel only exists on paper, and it is likely the steel plants are being used for other purposes.


28th APRIL, 1982 – A worker within one of the steel refineries is successfully recruited by US intelligence, the worker is able to photograph the construction of nuclear missile systems within the steel plants, and indicates that the layout of the plant will allow these system to be deployed quickly.


30th APRIL, 1982 – The Soviet Union is in clear violation of the GNR, the United States is confident that these nukes, and military buildup on the border, suggest that the Soviets intend to strike in the near future. The United States prepares special forces to infiltrate East Germany are steal Soviet nuclear weapons, limiting their capabilities.




The Soviet Union is preparing for war, they have been using steel refining facilities to hide nuclear weapons, to be used in a first strike. The United States will send special forces over the border to steal soviet nuclear weapons, both for further study, and to limit their close range nuclear capabilities. This operation relies on the Soviets not knowing it is taking place, extra steps should be taken to make sure this operation takes place without the Soviets knowing. US forces are moving into position on the border, in the event of war. They are currently outnumbered until further reinforcements arrive from the West, but this operation cannot wait.



  • US forces have been provided with boarded up trucks, drivers dressed as a civilians will drive the squads to the staging point on the eastern side of the border. Trucks will cross a checkpoint, the guards have been bribed to not be present at the time, believing that simple contraband will be moved across.


  • Teams will meet at the staging area and plan an attack on a Soviet nuclear storage facility. The facility has an alarm linked to all the bases in East Germany, under absolutely no circumstances should the enemy be allowed to activate this alarm.


  • Soviet nuclear missiles are likely loaded in the back of trucks. Steal the trucks and make your way back over the border to the US base.


U-2 s of the objective area

1. Indicates fake steel refining facilities, giving the appearance of a normal industrial site.

2. A large storage facility, likely the location of the nukes, as well as the location of the regional alarm.

3. Multiple helipads with what are believed to be Mi-24s, destroy if possible.



Enemy – Soviet infantry, along with various East German infantry units. Light and Medium armour expected in lows numbers.

Friendly – US Special forces; Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Command, Xray (ground vehicles for QRF).



Phase One – Load up in trucks and proceed across the border to the staging point.
Phase Two – Attack Soviet nuclear storage site, destroying assets and stealing missile loaded trucks. Do not allow the enemy to hit the alarm
Phase Three – Bring the trucks back to base in West Germany.


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