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Sundays Operations are our main operation nights, there will always be an operation on Sundays with the exception of technical issues which has never happened.

Mission briefs are updated by the mission builders as soon as possible, feel free to sign up prior to the brief being updated. 


Mission By suits

Setup and Preparation: 1845hrs (Sydney time)
Server Preparation and Mission Load: 1830hrs (Sydney time)
Briefing and Mission Launch: 1900hrs (Sydney time)


Operation BEREGU requires pre-strike and target preparation activities, Operation ZROYA is an operation to facilitate Operation BEREGU consisting of covert special operations groups operating on NAPF Island targeting invasion enabling targets combined with a naval blockade and air superiority of the NAPF island region. Ground forces will consist of Operation Beregu BLACK force.

The element of surprised needs to be used to infiltrate undetected and inflict as much confusion and damage as possible to gain the upper hand on the island. Key communication, fuel and power facilities are to be targeted and resupply sea lines establish in the event air resupply becomes unavailable.


Operation ZROYA COMATOSE is the North-Western BLACK force operation on NAPF Island. Enemy forces are not expecting resistance, all intelligence on target indicate enemy forces are not even enforcing light discipline on defensive positions or have they properly defended key infrastructure on the North West side of the island.  

Enemy –
Units situation on the North West sector are made up from the BKT National Guard which consists primarily of ex-military forces re-enlisted on the break out of war and have been recently re-equipped with new western forces equipment. There is expected to be limited heavy armour on the island however a high level of mechanised callsigns have been identified through SIGINT. Enemy air both fixed wing and rotary is possible however is expected to be grounded H+2 into the campaign.

Friendly –

1SQN Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta are available.

Rotary and Fast Air possibly on station H+2.

VOSHOD – Contact with friendly VOSHOD rebels has been made and they are facilitating equipment and medical support. 

Civilian –
High Civilian population is expected throughout the region.

Terrain –
NAPF Island. (Urban, Forest)


ASOR 1SQN is to neutralise key targets of strategic interest NLT 0600.


The mission will occur in SIX phases:
Phase One – Briefing and Preparation
Phase Two – HAHO Insertion
Phase Three – RV with VOSHOD
Phase Four – Execute Strategic Targetting
Phase Five – Secure Safe-base location for daylight hours
Phase Six – Debriefing


Radio Setup
Radios will be pre-programmed on issue.
Channels as per comms board on day of operation
Chain of Command
ASOR Commander
Squad Commanders
Air Commander
Vehicle Commander


Please download and use ASORSYNC for all mods and game launch.


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