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Operation Uran Volna (Volume 2)

18:45 - 22:30

Mission By Irony

Setup and Preparation: 1845hrs (Sydney time)
Server Preparation and Mission Load: 1830hrs (Sydney time)
Briefing and Mission Launch: 1900hrs (Sydney time)


This Mission is a direct continuation of URAN SPIKE (H+1) and URAN VOLNA (VOLUME 1)




The Russian movement down towards recently captured 3 Squadron’s Forward Operating Base VOLNA has resulted in the heavy entrenchment of BKT forces north of the YELLOW Main Supply Routes.  Several large trench lines have been indicated by SIGINT.  Large quantities of BKT’s 12th Mountain Division have been seen up to 500m South of FOB VOLNA in and around these trench lines.

Advisers have recommended a frontal assault on Route Yellow (OBJ47) would result in an unnecessary loss of life. Recommended actions are as follows; (a) 3 SQN entrench positions at 3 SQN FOB VOLNA (COMPLETE), (b) 2 SQN Vymple expeditionary regiment spearhead the operation via para drop behind BKT entrenchments (COMPLETE); (c) 2 SQN Vymple move from 2SQN HQ through to 3SQN FOB and from there, assault the defences protecting Route Yellow.


2SQN Expeditionary force has breached through the BKT eastern front line and provided a direct avenue to flank Defences on Route Yellow. 


Imagery and Geospatial Intelligence indicate that there has been a mobilisation of armoured BKT assets south of route Yellow. Several air assets have been seen in Quick Reaction Force capable areas, behind the front line. Whilst GEOINT has conservative estimates of BKT mobile assets it notes severe deficiencies in BKT fortifications along the route, and beyond.

There is a high probability that the entrenchment and movement of BKT mobile assets are part of a larger counter-offensive against the Russian advance in the South-Eastern Front. In response to this threat, CENTCOM aims to entrench positions south of the recently occupied town OBLEPIKHINO and STUDENETS. It has been assessed that the preparation of defences is at 60% of their desired level. While a 12th Mountain counteroffensive at this time is undesirable, OBLEPIKHINO and STUDENETS are in a defensible position.


Friendly forces have received updated details on 12th Mountain Entrenchments. OBJ10, OBJ11, and surrounding towns are acting as major 12th Mountain QRF points for northern entrenchments. The 2 SQN expeditionary force assault on Imeni Parizhskoy Kommuny, while a resounding failure is likely to have caused enough infrastructure damage to several inhibit its ability to rapidly respond to Russian incursions.  12th Mountain reinforcements travelling east along Route Yellow is a major concern, despite Russian movements around HILL 101


Enemy –
Bekovetus Armed Forces;
12th Mountain Regiment

Indicative Assets; 
-M113A3 (variants)
-M1117 (variants )
-T80 (variants)
-Rotary support

Friendly –
Russian Army;
Vymple Special Forces 

3SQN (Depleted attachment)

(availability is logistics dependant) 


2SQN (expeditionary force) @FOB VOLNA

Command: XO, Guardian1, TACP
Victor: VICTOR1
Charlie: Squad
Echo(logistics dependant)

Civilian –
Civilians have been evacuated from area

Terrain –
Dense forest, Open Grassland and light rural settings.


2SQN forces are to locate 2SQN expeditionary forces at FOB VOLNA move through the cleared eastern corridor and assault OBJ10 on Route Yellow, nullifying any counteroffensive capacity the BKT have. 2SQN should then assault entrenched positions surrounding OBJ10, freeing the Northern portion of Route Yellow. 

Objectives –
(a) Control Route Yellow (NORTH) through OBJ10
(b) Stop any counterattack conducted by BKT forces
(c) maintain control over major defensive locations at FOB VOLNA, OBLEPIKHINO and STUDENETS
(d) Clear entrenchments in forest South of FOB VOLNA
(e) Map OBJ11


The mission will occur in SIX phases:
Phase One – Briefing and Preparation
Phase Two – Insertion at FOB Volna
Phase Three – Assualt through Eastern Corridor on OBJ10
Phase Four – Pincer on BKT trench-line, freeing Route Yellow (North)
Phase Five – Extract to FOB VOLNA
Phase Six – Debriefing
Phase Seven – Profit


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