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Open Training – Induction Night

19:30 - 21:00

ASOR Open Training night is for applicants looking to join ASOR, it is a requirement to attend an Open Training night before attending any other night.  Applicants will receive the ASOR introductory training which consists of our basic Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and the general setup, style and information ASOR uses to conduct our operations.

Following your attendance to an Open Training night you then must attend a Closed Training night where you will accompany one of the ASOR teams as they conduct a mission. Following the end of the mission and debrief ASOR team leaders will discuss any new applications and inform you if you are able to attend further operations. 

Training generally follows inline with the campaign / storyline we are currently undertaking. 

Be aware there may be training being conducted for members on Closed Training nights or members that use these nights to either have a go at a new role in ASOR or refine their skills in their current role. So it may be possible to have existing members learning a new position on these nights also. 



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Attendance is closed for this event.


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