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19:15 - 23:00

ASOR Closed Training night is for ASOR Members only. For applicants looking to join you will need to attend a Open Training night first. 

These nights are reserved to conduct any training required or may just be another full operation night. Training generally follows inline with the campaign / storyline we are currently undertaking and his followed by an operation. 

Members attending Closed Training nights can use this opportunity to either have a go at a new role in ASOR or refine their skills in their current role. So it may be possible to have someone learning a position on these nights also. 

Attendance Times, Per State (NSW DST):

  • NSW & VIC – 6:45pm
  • QLD – 5:45pm
  • NT – 5:15pm
  • SA – 6:15pm
  • WA – 3:45pm
  • TAS – 6:45pm

Mission By suits

Setup and Preparation: 1900hrs (Sydney time)
Server Preparation and Mission Load: 1915hrs (Sydney time)
Briefing and Mission Launch: 1930hrs (Sydney time)


Operation URAN has not gone as well as the ministry had hoped, BKT rearmament and modernisation was far more advanced than first scoped and they have proven a difficult adversary with the modernised equipment. Adaptation to the situation is required and the ministry has approved additional forces to be utilised under Operation BEREGU.

Operation BEREGU is a strategic operation with an aim to open a second front to thin or restrict reinforcement of BKT forces in the current area of operations and secondly seize key oil and gas installations and ports. NAPF Island is a key import and export facilitator for BKT providing a centralised gateway to the rest of the world while at the same time security to that industry. NAPF island has been identified as the vital link to the funding of resupply of arms and equipment and the means to get them in country as well.

Operation BEREGU will consist of two parts, firstly Operation ZROYA, full brief below followed by Operation BEREGU itself. 


Primary objectives will be to capture the international airfield and key port facilities at Luzern and Emmen and to establish a land link to Orange Force to the North West. 

Enemy –

Although significant defensive positions have been established in the North West of the island from all intelligence the North side is far less defended that the South and also contains for port and cargo capability. Reconnaissance from BLACK Force and VOSHOD elements indicates primarily reserve forces in the North and 12th Mountain Division forces primarily in the South. Reserve forces in the North however have been heavily supplemented with 12th Mechanised forces. 

BKT Forces currently on the island are in disarray due to BLACK Force communication and infrastructure strikes, organised counter attacks to any invasion are expected to be heavily delayed and disorganised. BKT anti-air coverage is expected to be neutralised prior to H hour as well as control of the air space. 

Over all capability of the forces there are expected to be low with difficulties to rearm and re-enforce. However equipment used is of high quality as part of the recent BKT rearmament. Heavy armour is expect to be extremely low with mechanised infantry the main force on the island. There is the potential for BKT artillery support in the early hours of the operation however this will be a primary target for Air, Black and Green force targeting. 

Friendly –

BLUE force will have ORANGE to the West and GREEN operating to the SOUTH, the possibility of BLACK forces in are AO also. Establishing links with nearby forces is a priority when available.

Full Fixed Wing assets will be on standby for the island invasion.

Full Rotary Wing assets will be made available for island invasion.

Heavy Victor units will be landed upon seizure of initial port and air facilities. Light Victor units will be para dropped in the first wave. 

Civilian –
There is a significant civilian population on the island and they are required for operation of ports and oil and gas export. There fore civilian casualties should be kept to a minimum where they do not impede objective completion. 

Terrain –
NAPF Island (Wooded rolling hills, Urban)


1SQN is to capture the international airfield and key port facilities at Luzern and Emmen and establish a land link to Orange Force to the North West NLT 0600Z18122015.


The mission will occur in SIX phases:
Phase One – Briefing and Preparation
Phase Two – HALO Insertion
Phase Three – Secure Supply and Staging Area
Phase Four – Capture Airfield
Phase Five – Secure Supply Link to ORANGE and GREEN Forces
Phase Six – Capture Towns Luzern and Emmen 
Phase Seven – Consolidate
Phase Eight – Debriefing


Radio Setup
Radios will be pre-programmed on issue.
Channels as per comms board on day of operation
Chain of Command
ASOR Commander
Squad Commanders
Air Commander
Vehicle Commander


Please download and use ASORSYNC for all mods and game launch.


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