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Operation Zroya Predatel’

18:45 - 22:30


19:30 – 23:00

An Ironic Mission

Setup and Preparation: 1915hrs (Sydney time)
Server Preparation and Mission Load: 1900hrs (Sydney time)
Briefing and Mission Launch: 1930hrs (Sydney time)


5 (Five) hours after the HAHO operation carried out by Russian SF on the Island of Napf, a VOSHOD commander by the name of Josef Yurievich contacted Vymple Black 3SQN ground forces on the South of the Island.

Yurievich and his VOSHOD cell were one of the few placed on Napf to destabilise the local government. Yurievich’s group lost contact with CENTCOM prior to the onset of OPERATION URAN and were pronounced MIA shortly after, assumed dead. The emergence of this VOSHOD group at such a critical time in BEREGU’s prelude is troubling but may offer key intelligence and provide entrance to key infrastructure in the area.

After initial contact, the cell was instructed to check in every 3 (three) hours in communication windows. They made a further 2 (two) communication windows, after that the cell lost contact with Vymple Black forces. CENTCOM has instructed 2 (two) splinter groups from the 3SQN Southern HAHO insert to carry out a Search and Rescue operation for Yurievich and the remainder of his cell. Whilst Yurievich did not specifically tell CENTCOM of his location, SIGINT believes they have triangulated an area where VOSHOD could be situated.

SIGINT have noticed increased activity around significant communication arrays. They are unaware of what this signifies, but it is possible they have sourced some form of Radio Jamming Software from the Weimer Group


Enemy –
BNG RESERVE FORCES – typically underfunded and under-equipped, however, they are made up of ex-military personnel who have been redeployed. Reserve forces are typically bolstered by 12th Mountain assets.

12th Mountain – Underrepresented in the Island of Napf. However, there have been sightings of 12th mountain units around VOSHOD’s AO.

12th Mountain Assets – Satellite imagery shows 12th Mechanised and Rotary infrastructure centralised around Airfields. Forces should expect to see partial 12th Mountain presence at these locations.

Friendly –

Vymple  –         Infantry:
                        X-RAY: Rotary (logistics dependant), Naval (logistics dependant), Ground

VOSHOD – Infantry

Civilian –
SIGINT suspects that the Island of Napf is under curfew following the impact of ZROYA.

Terrain –
Napf– Mountainous, Light-Medium Forest, Rural and Industrial towns


Predatel’ will commence at 0200 with Vymple forces moving from their staging areas to make a diversionary attack on the two most southern airfields in Napf. 3SQN “Magenta force” will hit the South West airfield and then withdraw to blocking positions to the West of VOSHOD’s AO. 3SQN “Aqua force” is tasked with conducting a hit and run on the South East Airfield and using captured rotary assets to infiltrate the AO. Our aim will be 2 fold:
1) Substantially damage BKT assets at the airfield, eliciting a large QRF, and
2) Secure rotary assets needed to infiltrate the VOSHOD AO.

Once in the AO Vymple has the following Primary Objectives:
1. Cause critical infrastructure damage to the Napf Dam.
2. Extract VOSHOD units to staging area

The following tertiary objectives
1. Cause critical infrastructure damage on all major BKT assets in AO


The mission will occur in SEVEN phases:
Phase One – Briefing and Preparation
Phase Two – Diversionary attack on South East Airfield
Phase Three – Infiltrate the VOSHOD AO
Phase Four – Cause critical infrastructure damage
Phase Five – Extract VOSHOD to staging area
Phase Six – Debrief
Phase Seven – Profit?


Radio Setup
Radios will be pre-programmed on issue.
Channels as per comms board on day of operation
Chain of Command
ASOR Commander
Squad Commanders
Air Commander
Vehicle Commander


Please download and use ASORSYNC for all mods and game launch.


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