Closed Training

18:45 - 22:30

ASOR Closed Training night is for ASOR Members only. For applicants looking to join you will need to attend a Open Training night first. 

These nights are reserved to conduct any training required or may just be another full operation night. Training generally follows inline with the campaign / storyline we are currently undertaking and his followed by an operation. 

Members attending Closed Training nights can use this opportunity to either have a go at a new role in ASOR or refine their skills in their current role. So it may be possible to have someone learning a position on these nights also. 

Attendance Times, Per State (NSW DST):

  • NSW & VIC – 6:45pm
  • QLD – 5:45pm
  • NT – 5:15pm
  • SA – 6:15pm
  • WA – 3:45pm
  • TAS – 6:45pm



  • OneEyed
  • Skalgrim
  • Oxan
  • Instant Muffin
  • Carnivore
  • Vladimir Gluten
  • Howard Moon
  • MAC 84
  • suits
  • Jewfishy
  • Ankor
  • Poxy
  • Jacko
  • Phil
  • Madaz
  • Alex

Attendance is closed for this event.


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