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Op Kresnik Flash (closed training)

18:45 - 22:30


Russian security forces have increased their dominance in the local area by cracking down on parties suspected of being sympathetic

to BNG forces using a series of checkpoints to monitor and control all local traffic. Prisoners taken include captured BNG and

civilians suspected of anti Russian association. ASOR forces have assembled in the quiet rural town of Bor assisted by locals

sympathetic to their cause at great risk to allow for the element of supprise. Local populations have been growing upset with

Russian security forces due to the frequency of civilians being murdered during security operations.



BNG are to harass the Russian road checkpoint network on the local highway, mount rescue effort of POWs and demolish compound

to help shake local fear of Russian security forces.


Attendance Times, Per State:

  • NSW & VIC – 6:45pm
  • QLD – 6:45pm
  • NT – 6:15pm
  • SA – 6:15pm
  • WA – 4:45pm
  • TAS – 6:45pm



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Attendance is closed for this event.


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