ASOR values mature gamers so we request that you meet the age limit which is 18+ (no exceptions) and have the ability to play under direction of your team or squad leader as per the ASOR structure. ASOR has been operating for several years now and we have great core of dedicated members, anyone not able to fit in or get along may be asked to leave if this becomes an issue.

The first step to joining is to make the effort to get your mods sorted (see our detailed Mod-Setup-Guide) and make contact with us, Discord is the preferred method of contact and also the fastest for a reply. (Can also use Forums or via Teamspeak) The initial mod download if you don’t already have the larger mods like RHS and CUP Terrains can be a time consuming download depending on your internet connection. ASORSYNC2 is required to be used and will be the fastest way of downloading the required mods, it compresses the downloads. See the Mod-Setup-Guide for details and if any assistance is needed please go to the #help channel on  Discord or post on the Forums. Currently the ARMA3 expansion APEX is not required for operations.

ASOR has a pre-requirement of trialling and training in order to be involved in ASOR Operations. Absolutely no military or ARMA gaming experience is required to join ASOR, training is provided to bring you up to speed on our squad structure and how we play. Basic ARMA gameplay training can be provided where required if you haven’t played it before. We have members willing to help new members get started at any level.

ASOR conducts fortnightly new member application nights called Open Training Induction Nights (generally every 2nd Tuesday night). You can check the ASOR Operations area for the next scheduled Induction night, these are the only times any new applicants will be able to start their join process, there is no exceptions.

The Open Training Induction night is a simple training that will cover the basics on how ASOR squads work and cover any other aspects of ASOR that you need to know prior to joining ASOR on the battlefield. Following your successful completion of an Open Training Induction night you are required to attend a Wednesday night, after that if successfull you can then attend all ASOR Operations and any of our other nights when held.

ASOR members like to have a good laugh and a joke around when the times right however we do focus when our operations are on and pride ourselves on honing our training and teamwork and celebrate the victories that are fought hard. If you have not read our ABOUT PAGE please do so. Also check out our WIKI that has all our Squad Structures, Training and Roles available in ASOR. We look forward to seeing you beside us in battle!

ASORSYNC is required to be used to join our operations, please check out our detailed guide.


ASOR uses ASORSYNC2 to synchronise, update and launch our mods. Check out the ASORSYNC2 Step by Step guide on how to join ASOR Operations.

ASOR Setup Guide

More Information and Trialling

If you would like more information on joining ASOR or setting up mods we strongly encourage all new members to join Discord and talk with us there. If you dont feel confident doing that please visit our forums and post a welcome message or any queries there.


3 Steps to Joining

Contact ASOR

Let us know your interested by either by speaking with us on teamspeak or chatting on Discord. We can help you get setup or answer any questions directly.

Download Mods

Download ASORSYNC2 and run the updater which will download all the required mods for you. Configure and test in game on our server with another member.

ASORSYNC2 has been created by an ASOR member developed exclusively for ASOR and contains no malware or freeware.

Attend an Open Training

Show up and attend one of our Open Training Induction on Tuesday nights, where we conduct a training operation for new applicants. 

Get in touch


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