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    Since it looks like we’re back in ASOR uniform, any chance of getting our old vests back that Chambers did?
    Peeps need to know not to be directly below me when I’m on a ladder.

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    Don’t believe they will make a return Harmer.

    Not a confirmation, but last I heard with #Dev talk, they just create too much lag (because of custom textures).

    We also don’t really have anyone to make them anymore (or more or less, the resources).

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    theres some discussion on how to reward roles and stuff, could be an option. But need someone else to be able to do it. You know how i am with taking on new tasks.


    Fair enough. Subject closed.


    ingame berets were discussed in place of badges, again its something that needs to be created and managed though its not just a one of piece of work


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    just a random thought, is it possible for the uniforms to be customized on the fly in game? for example when we spawn into the game it changes the “ASOR” on the uniforms with our in game names?


    no its not




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