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    Another year of ASOR goes by and how quick was this year! Firstly want to thank everyone that attended any of our ops this year and hope everyone has a Merry Christmas, enjoy the break and have a great new years and hope to see you all coming back for more next year.

    We had an interesting year this year, we tried something a bit different in the campaign side of things as we moved on from the Tanoa mid year, a really successful campaign into a new style with Russian factions and other combinations. I think the experiment overall was not that successful but I enjoyed playing something a little different myself anyway, got to ride that BTR on many occasions. I am looking forward to getting back to the regular ASOR units an particularly SMA weapons next year though however.

    ASOR also went through a significant change in membership base with a few more of the original leadership and other senior members moving on just before the year started or early on while at the same time new leadership began cementing itself both in the sql and command roles. Thanks to those that have taken on these key roles in recent times, as part of my long term goal of making ASOR more sustainable without my direct input in everything these types of roles filled with experienced members is a key step in that.

    This year also seen a significant input from new mission makers of whom without their work we would have defintely had to drop back on the amount of ops successfully conducted this year. I hope to see an increase again next year as we make changes to open up the scope of our missions by removing the overall campaign and allowing the mission makers to conduct their own campaigns, long or short in any environment/scenario. This should make the ops we have next year significantly more broad and diverse and hopefully keep things interesting. I think the overall ASOR campaign has seen its day with the amount of work to maintain, educate and communicate it just becoming to much.

    The end of the year is always a good time for reflection and I have been doing a bit of that as I usually do to try and get some goals and ideals flowing for next year. I think my main goal for the new year other than whats already mentioned above and the continuation of setting up ASOR to be able to run without my constant involvement will be primarily addressing the professionalism and everyone’s favourite the immersion of our operations. Unfortunately in my opinion I think our operations have drifted away from this in recent times which was always a core aspect of ASOR we need to get back too.

    Milsim but fun to me was always that the operations were taken seriously and in an immersive professional way, people taking pride in the achievements of their team and everyone learning new things or refining what they know already all while not taking our mistakes ‘too’ serious. That to me is the fun aspect of what we do, fun is not killing civilians, making stupid noises or constantly breaking with the immersion of the mission or various other antics that seem to be a constant at the moment. Early in the new year I will be starting with the leadership members to sort this out.

    A move back to a more professional approach and training as well is on the cards also next year and content to support this approach has already begun. A new campaign series covering Tier 1 operations in the North African and Middle Eastern theatres, an extensive Close Quarters Combat training package including operations to go with it plus various other campaigns in different theatres, don’t forget the ARMA3 Tanks DLC looks promising also.

    Probably a good time to mention again too that the ASOR Donations are coming up short each month, so if you can contribute a couple of bucks a month please donate.

    Enjoy the break, keep an eye on the ASORSYNC2 notifications as there will be new maps added probably before the new year which will be a largish download I assume. There is still Wednesday op to come and a Christmas op on Sat 23rd if you can make it.


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    Thanks Suits & Lecks & Muffin for the BTS work.

    Thanks Mission Makers for Missions!

    Thanks ASORians.

    Good year and good crew. Each year to come, to be better!

    Now. Christmas. Pudding.


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    A cracking year, for the 6 months that I was heavily involved.

    Miss being a regular at ops with the comraderie and fun we can have.

    Thanks to everyone who puts in a crap load of work behind the scenes. From our coders/modders to our mission makers and most importantly to Suits himself!

    Merry Xmas to all you guys, I hope to pop on TS a bit over the Xmas period and maybe even play a few rounds with you all.

    Most importantly, stay safe and have fun!


    Great job this year guys.
    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the ops this year and looking forward to next year.
    Great to see people taking on new roles and hope to see other step up next year as well.
    Special mention to mission makers who provide us with these great ops. Keep up the good work boys!

    Merry Christmas! and Happy New Year!


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    Enjoyed every minute of it, even while gimped! Thanks for all the great missions and all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes. Looking forward to next year. Have a great Xmas and stay safe!


    As always tons of work goes into not only missions but discord, LANs, this website…heaps. To the few that do all the work, thanks from those that just enjoy. I have had a mixed bag of a year this year but look forward to some calmer seas in 2018 and look forward to getting back into a regular routine again.

    Merry Christmas to each and to all a happy and safe new year.


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    Thanks to everyone involved for another cracking year with ASOR. Unfortunately due to work commitments and ill health towards the end of this year I have not been able to participate as often as I would have liked. Hopefully the New Year will bring me better health and I will be attending on a regular basis again.
    Many thanks to the admin staff and the mission makers, an excellent effort by all concerned,
    A particular thanks to Lecks for sorting out my computer when it went pear shaped.

    A Merry Christmas to each and every one of you. I hope the New Year brings all you ever wish for.

    See you all next Year.


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    Sorry to hear you haven’t been well Riggsy, hope to see you back fighting fit in the new year!

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