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    Thanks for the update Chambers. In my opinion SMA is the most polished weapons mod available for ARMA3. Really looking forward to having some machineguns to compliment the assault rifles. Also looking forward to the sniper rifle when it’s available.
    Keep up the great work.



    Its Christmas again , Chambers please pass on my thanks to your team , out bloody standing work guys


    Thanks guys.

    @ reaper im really looking forward to the mgs also but more excited for the dta sniper.

    The weapons we need to finish before we move onto V3 are
    ARX 160
    EF88/ F90
    SRS DTA sniper



    Hey all I’m a public player keep up with SMA as it is my favorite and with out a doubt the highest quality of weapons out there for arma 3, Will you be releasing to the public at some point again?


    Hi Chris

    Yes the mod is still a wip and public release is coming once im happy with the content.
    All of what you read here is from our unit that do all the pre release testing for me.

    Appreciate the kind words and we will be releasing V2 very soon.


    Magpul ACR
    Close to finished

    Some small details to fix yet but very close..

    Remington ACR will be next


    Very nice.


    Nearly there…


    I’m a big fan of the ACR. Those pictures look awesome. What calibres will it be offered in?


    This one (Magpul) will be chambered in 556 but the Remington will be chambered in both 556 and 6.8 spc…


    Keen to see the 6.8mm in action… 😉



    Yo,BlazenChambeR,I’m Jinougaf from BIS forums,seem you’re not always appear in the forum so I came here,XD.

    Love the mod and keep going,you’re really skilled!

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    I’m with Smurf hanging to see the 6.8mm in the field



    Will BCM’s Jack Carbine be released with version 2? I’am really looking forward to all these weapons!


    Ok ASOR

    We will be rolling out an Update for SMA today as pre release testing will need to be done before Public release V2.0.

    The first Update has added weapons and fixes. The last update will be in a day or so with the MK3 Minimi’s


    Added- ACR Magpul
    Added – ACR Remington
    Added- AAC Blackout
    Added- ammo 300 blackout
    Added- ammo 6.8mm SPC, OTM
    Added- New M203 model for all Underslung weapons
    Added- New suppressors also some with Heat wrap
    Added- New reload animations for SKS
    Added- New variations of the Vortex 3x now has low mount and ARD (Anti Reflection Device)
    Added- New Audio mod that changes the Sonic crack from incoming rounds
    Fixed- Red dot optics at night now glow properly
    Fixed- Iron sights on Aug CQC now uses Troy flip sights

    Still to come for V2.0
    – MK3 MINIMI

    – ARX160
    – F90
    – SRS DTA sniper rifle
    – Updated version of the MK18
    – Updated version of the AR15

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    Clicking update on ASORSync every 10 minutes until this starts downloading! Woot!



    To the SMA team you guys are fuckin unreal awesome work !!

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    Downloading 448 MB. Feels like Christmas. 🙂
    A day late for Fathers Day though. 🙁



    Good day , I apologize for my bad English .
    For a long time I am waiting for your bag of weapons v2 and finally had the opportunity to see the pre-release versions . It’s very pleasant, but there was a couple of shortcomings .
    Add photos to identified roughness.
    Thank you for your work . I look forward to the official release.

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    Looking forward to Thursday to see how they go in the field still torn between the 300blackout and the Remington ACR

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