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    wow looking forward to it!


    So many links and so few tissues!


    For those who are interested.. this is a vid of the MM23ek LMG that will be featured in V2

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    Lovely <3 (still waiting for a FAMAS :p)


    yea mate i got 1 ready to go just got to texture it and uv it soon my friend soon..


    Take your time! The one we already have are awesome 🙂



    Looking forward to it!


    Is it a standard FAMAS, or a FELIN?



    Some G36 Variants would be absolutely Amazing! Hope to be using that ACR and MK.18 soon!


    As far as i know the FAMAS is an F1 or F2 id love to do a FELIN..


    Isn’t FAMAS a French weapon? Is SMA branching out into gear not immediately in the ADF inventory?
    Just curious, not a rebuke…


    SMA is not the same thing as ADF no?

    But yes, it’s a french weapon. But who cares… it kills people correctly.


    SMA is unrelated to ADF. It contains weapons and gear of interest to Blaz3nChambeR, some of which happens to be ADF gear.


    wish the MM23ek LMG was adf! haha 😉


    Not long now… 🙂


    Chambers is a meanie and let me know about one of the rifles being worked on. Now I’m going to be obsessively checking the repository for a SMA update every day :p

    I will be retiring the SCAR soon, oh yes 🙂

    – OJ


    Not sure if meant to post these but………. 😉


    Ode to the AUG:

    Mmmm #1
    That’s my gun

    Opfor’ll bleed
    It’s what I need

    Mmmm underslung
    That’s my gun

    – OJ



    Nice !!


    ODK Baggardo

    GOOD JOB! When released version 2.0? I and my clan are waiting anxiously beretta arx 160…

Viewing 20 replies - 41 through 60 (of 179 total)

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