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    This is all I have seen so far. Not sure if these are for 2 or a 1.5 update though. Also might get in trouble posting it hehe.


    I will update some pics for you all tonight.

    Been struggling with some things of late while doing some updates for V2 i am having trouble getting the tools to work properly for me.
    Hope i can get on top of this tonight..
    The reload anims will be much better on all guns also these suppressors will be in v1.5 and useable on 7.62 rifles.


    One of those suppressors looks like it should be pink… and come with batteries… 😛 (J/K)

    When will we see Stefaan’s pink “Hello Kitty” M4A5?


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    Love it, although the pink is a bit too purple. Needs to be more like this:


    dude that m4 is going to be fkn awesome

    I guess I have to go back to harassing you everyday about when its going to be ready. The things you make me do!



    I like.


    FUCK THAT M4 is HAWT!!!!!!



    Do We Have Any Idea when version 2 is coming out, cant wait for the MK.18,ACR and M4.


    Yea i am also very keen to get these weapons finished .. : ) MK 18 is just getting some small optimizations to get in game and textures are done. M4 has a little bit of work to do on model optimization and small changes but is not yet textured..

    Also we will be doing Top mount laser pointer and some more optics..

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    That MK.18 looks amazing I hope there will be an AFG variant of the mk.18 as well. great work cannot wait for version 2.0 to be released!



    Mk18 in game still not finished but close..
    Teaser pics







    I don’t get it, I must be missing something… What does that have to do with SMA v2?

    – OJ


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    They look awesome.


    Not my favourite looking gun, seems too small and light to kill anyone. Now give me the SCAR or the SKS and I’m all girly man about the place…

    They do look awesome though Chambers, well done again to you and the team.

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